SSB Interviews

SSB Interviews
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SSB Interviews

Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174821140

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Preface 1. The aim of this guide is to train the candidates and give them the idea and the knowledge to enable them to do well in all the tests, which are conducted by SSB for selection. The basic purpose to hold various tests by SSB is to assess the qualities and the best traits of personality of the candidates. This guide will teach the candidates to exhibit the qualities which are possessed by them. The whole exercise is divided in to five parts as below a
Screening tests.
Intelligence tests.
Psychological tests.
GTO s tests.
Interview by the President or Deputy President.
2. The tests a to c are the written tests, which are conducted by SSB. The Screening test is conducted on the first day to short list the candidates. It is therefore, necessary to qualify this test. Only those who qualify the Screening test are allowed to undergo other tests namely intelligence, psychological and the GTO s tests followed by the interview. 3. There are two sets of intelligence tests. One is Verbal and another is Non-verbal. The questions in the Verbal intelligence test are given in the form of the language. They give 100 questions against this test, which are to be done in 50 minutes. In the case of Non-verbal intelligence test they give problem as well as answer figures in the form of designs, drawings, diagrams and the features. The candidate has to select the correct answer out of the choice figures given in the test paper. The total number of problems which are given against this test are 60 and time allowed is 30 minutes. This guide contains 270 Verbal and 120 Non-verbal intelligence questions with examples and the answers for the guidance of the candidates. The SSB is giving the questions of the similar pattern in Verbal and Non-verbal intelligence tests. The candidates are advised to go through all the questions, examples and the answers carefully, which will educate them to do better in the tests when conducted by SSB. 4. Immediately after the intelligence tests are over, the psychological tests are carried out. In other words, it is called personality test. This is a very important test. This is completely a written test. The psychologist does not see the candidates, but he gives his assessment about the qualities, character and traits of personality of the candidate through the answers given by the candidate on the answer sheets. If the psychologist finds officer like qualities in a candidate, he recommends for selection. This test comprises the following a
Words association.