Challenger Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced with past 5 years Solved Papers ebook (12th edition)

Challenger Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced with past 5 years Solved Papers ebook (12th edition)
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Challenger Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced with past 5 years Solved Papers ebook (12th edition)

Publisher: Disha Publication
ISBN: 9789386146540
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About this eBook

PREFACE TO THE NEW EDITION THE NEW CHALLENGER FOR THE NEW JEE It gives me immense pleasure in introducing the thoroughly revised and vastly updated sixth edition of the Mathematics Challenger. This challenger book has evolved over a period of time and adopted itself to the changing IIT-JEE pattern. The present edition has been thoroughly revised and I have tried my best to remove all the errors. Further the book has been enriched with the introduction of a lot of new and innovative questions in each variety of questions in each of the chapters. The book has been reoriented and aligned as per the latest CBSE board pattern - Class XI and XII. I have tried to renumber and rename the chapters as per the latest NCERT books, such that the class XI XII students can easily attempt their respective chapters. A few chapters like Trigonometric Equations and Inverrse, Trigonometric Functions, Functions and their Graphs, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation and Probability contain topics which belong to class XI and XII both, as it was really difficult to segregate the questions. So I advice students to attempt these chapters on a selective basis. The book provides response bubbles grids to mark answers, of the questions on respective pages of each chapter. This will make the book more useful for the students as they can mark their responses and need not check the answers one by one. The Definite Integration and Applications chapter has been divided into 2 chapters - Definite Integral and Application of Integrals. Hence the total number of chapters has increased from 26 to 27. A lot of new questions have been added in each chapter. Integer answer type questions have been further added to the already present Numeric Answer problems. This new book contains the collection of the best possible problems for IIT-JEE. I have really worked very hard to create new problems on Comprehension based questions, Matching Type Questions, Assertion Reasoning and Integer answer type Questions. I can assure all the aspirants that I have made an attempt to provide the best possible material for JEE. I hope that the users will find this book to stand upto their expectations. In the end I would like to thank family, friends, publishers and colleagues, who have helped me in various forms in completing this project. However, all these hardships will look small if readers find this effort useful to them. I shall be highly thankful to all those readers who let me know, their views about the book, any kind of error s crept inadvertently and any new problems if he she wants to see it them included in forthcoming editions.
Er. Anoop K. Srivastava
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