A Practical Manual Of Pharmaceutical Engineering By P.S.Sona

A Practical Manual Of Pharmaceutical Engineering By P.S.Sona
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A Practical Manual Of Pharmaceutical Engineering By P.S.Sona

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789383828432

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PREFACE This book has been written with an intention to cover all the possible experiments which are to be conducted in the pharmaceutical engineering laboratory at the under graduate level. I have tried to incorporate all the experiments suggested under pharmaceutical engineering by different universities. Though I have taken long time to complete this book, I have no regrets because the designed experiments are all practically performed in the laboratory by my students and that has given me ample chance to improve the quality of the experiments. During this period I could observe the difficulties of the students in collecting primary informations which are the part of the main experiments. The usage of vernier calipers, screw gauge, colorimetry, different standard value like specific heat and radiation constants of different materials, and conversion of units are examples. I have included all such informations in the appendices so that students are benefited to get them in a single book. Today I am so proud to present before you my book A Practical Manual of Pharmaceutical Engineering . Hope that it will be well accepted by the pharmaceutical science fraternity. The suggestions are encouraged and acknowledged. Author
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my indebtedness to my husband Mr. C. Muthulingam who has been an inspiration and support for completing the book. I extend my sincere thanks to my students of Grace College of Pharmacy First Batch and Ramgopal College of Pharmacy First and Second Batch for their support. I thank my brother Mr. Sujith. P.S, B Tech, for his valuable suggestions. I express my gratitude to publisher for publishing my book. Author
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