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iGate Mechanical Mock Test I With Solution By Mr Arvind Rai

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Publisher iGATE
Number of Pages 19
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About this eBook

Dew point is reached by cooling air at constant moisture content
Wet bulb temperature changes by addition of moisture at constant enthalpy
For saturated air, the dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature and dew point are the same.
Dehumidification of air is achieved by heating.
Of these statements A 1 and 3 are correct C 3 and 4 are correct 19.
B 1 and 2 are correct D 3 alone is correct
One tone capacity water cooler cools water from 350C to 200C. The specific heat of water is 4.18kJ kg.k. The water flow rate will be A 215.1 lt hr
B 208.8 lt hr
C 220.6 lt hr
D none
The figure shows psychrometric chart, the name of the lines OC OG will be B
x dry bulb temperature
y specific humidity A Sensible heating, sensible cooling B Adiabatic saturation, isothermal humidification

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