Applied Physics-I

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Publisher: Vayu Education
ISBN: 9789382174288

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Physics is the liberal art of high technology
This book is based on the common core syllabus of State Board of Technical Education, Haryana. It explains, in a simple and systematic manner, the basic principles and applications of Applied Physics-I for diploma students. The book would serve as an excellent text for first year diploma students. Physics is a fundamental science, and those who study it will gain an understanding of the basic laws that govern everything from the very samll subatomic to the very large cosmic scale. The study of physics provides us with an unparalleled power of analysis that is useful in the study of the other sciences, enginnering and mathematics, as well as in daily life. This second edition of Applied Physics-I, contains material for the new syllabus. It includes a chapter I about basics of units and diamensions, along with many discussion questions for units and diamensions, along with many discussion questions for units and dimenstions, Chapter II covers Force and Motion in an easy and interesting way, Chapter III covers Work, Power and Energy effectively with examles, similarly whole syllabus is covered very clearly and in an easy way. The questions at the end of each chapter will increase the knowledge of students. The book contains many example questions and answers that are meant to make the student more comfortable with solving problems. Some are more involved than others. There are also questions at the end of each chapter, which the student should attempt to answer to test his or her understanding. Starting a physics course at this level knows the basics of trigonometry and is comfortable with simple algebraic manipulations . Applied Physics is not watered-down physics. It is advanced physics. It covers the most interesting and most important topics. Students recongnize the value of what they are learning, and are natuarally motivated to do well. In every chapter they find material they want to share with thier friends, roommates, and parents. The response to this new approach is going to be fantastic. Many of the sutdents previously hated physics, and swore after their high school class never to take it
Applied Physics- I
again. But they will drawn, like maths to a flame, to a subject they find fascinating and important. My job is to make sure their craving is fulfilled, and that won't be burned again. These students come to college to learn, and they will feel happiest when they sense their knowledge and abilities growing. Students don't take the course because it is easy it isn't. It covers an enormous amount of material. But every chapter is full of information that is evidently important. That's why students will sign up. They don't want to be entertained. They want a good course, well taught, that fills them with importat information and the ability to use it well. They are proud that they are going to enjoy it. Physics is the liberal arts of high technonlogy. Understand physics, and never again be intimidated by technological advances. This book is designed to attract studenst, and teach them the physics they need to know to be an effective engineer. I wish to thank my husband, Er. Vikas Sharma, for his great help and support. I am thankful to me respected, loving and caring parents S.Swarn Singh Mrs. Satvinder Kaur, my dear sister Sweety for their love and support they give me time to time. I am indebted to fellow my Computer lab Supervisor Mr. Ashok for his cooperation during