Problems And Solutions In Engineering Mathematics Volume-II

Problems And Solutions In Engineering Mathematics Volume-II Problems And Solutions In Engineering Mathematics Volume-II Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131800423

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About this eBook

Preface Many textbooks have been written on Higher Engineering Mathematics by different authors and teachers in India and abroad. But majority of the engineering college students often find it difficult to fully understand and solve all the problems given in the exercises in those text books. Also the teachers are faced with a real problem while selecting suitable problems with technical bent and due to paucity of time and classroom workload sometimes the college teachers are not able to help their own students in solving many difficult problems and questions in the class even though they wish to do so. Keeping in mind such need of the students, the author was inspired to write a suitable and comprehensive book providing solutions to the problems selected from different textbooks written in the past two decades and which are being taught in the various colleges at present. As different universities in our country have slightly different syllabus for the various semester examinations, this aspect has been carefully considered by the author and for each semester, a separate book or Volume has been prepared to help the students accordingly. Efforts have been made to present the material in a cost-effective manner to fulfill the needs of the engineering college students by covering topics relevant to that specific semester, common to the majority of Universities and Engineering Colleges. This book contains Six Chapters covering broadly the syllabus for the students of the Third Semester III of several universities including M.D.U., Rohtak G.J.U., Hissar and K.U., Haryana U.P.T.U., Lucknow and D.C.E., Delhi. It provides solutions to several problems, which have been selected from different textbooks available in India and abroad. Efforts have been made to indicate wherever possible the name of the university and year of examination when a particular problem was asked in the past so as to make all the students familiar with the type of questions usually set in examinations. It is sincerely hoped that this book will help and better equip the engineering college students to prepare and face the examination with greater confidence. I have endeavoured to present the book in a lucid manner, which will be easier to understand by all the students. It is hoped the present book will also be found useful by students of many engineering colleges including those studying in I.I.Ts and other Engineering Institutions like B.I.T., Pilani B.I.T., Bangalore M.I.T., Manipal I.T., B.H.U., Varanasi A.M.U., Aligarh N.E.R.I.M., Guwahati and V.I.T., Vellore. An outstanding and distinguishing feature of the book is to provide solution of large number of well-graded typical problems selected from various textbooks. I am deeply indebted to all the authors, Indian and Foreign, whose works I have frequently consulted in writing this book. I am thankful to Mr. Saurabh Gupta, Managing Director, Laxmi Publications Pvt Ltd. and his team for bringing out the book in the present form. All efforts have been made to avoid all types of errors and mistakes as far as possible and all the answers have been completely checked and verified. Intimation of any error or misprint in this book and any suggestion for further improvement will be highly appreciated and gratefully acknowledged. Author
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1. Fourier Series