Introduction To Chemical Engineering

Introduction To Chemical Engineering Introduction To Chemical Engineering Sample PDF Download
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Introduction To Chemical Engineering

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ISBN: 9788120345775
Number of Pages: 184
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About The Book Introduction To Chemical Engineering
Book Summary:

This book is an outgrowth of the authors teaching experience of a course on Introduction to Chemical Engineering to the first-year chemical engineering students of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. The book serves to introduce the students to the role of a chemical engineer in society. In addition to the classical industries, the role of chemical engineers in several esoteric areas such as semiconductor processing and biomedical engineering is discussed. Besides highlighting the principles and processes of chemical engineering, the book shows how chemical engineering concepts from the basic sciences and economics are used to seek solutions to engineering problems.

The book is rich in examples of innovative solutions found to problems faced in chemical industry. It includes a wide spectrum of topics, selected from the industrial interactions of the author. It encourages the student to see the similarities in the concepts which govern apparently dissimilar examples. It introduces various concepts, using both physical and mathematical bases, to facilitate the understanding of difficult processes such as the scale-up process.

The book contains several case studies on safety, ethics and environ-mental issues in chemical process industries.

Table of Contents:
1. Role of a Chemical Engineer
2. Modern Chemical Engineering Plants
3. Chemical Engineer and Chemical Engineering Profession
4. Role and Importance of Basic Sciences in Engineering
5. Dimensionless Analysis and Scale upAnother Illustration
of How Physics and Mathematics can be Combined
6. Semi-empirical Approach in EngineeringDeparture from Scientific Rigor: Applications in Atmospheric Pollution and Turbulence
7. Safety, Health, Environment and Ethics
AppendixMATLAB Programs