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वस्तुनिष्ठ  लेखाशास्त्र वस्तुनिष्ठ  लेखाशास्त्र Sample PDF Download
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ISBN: 9789351678571
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funsZ'k fuEufyf kr iz'uksa esa pkj fodYi gSa ftuesa ls osGoy ,d gh lgh m kj gSA lgh fodYi dk pquko djsa ,oa m kj rkfydk esa vafdr djsaA Instruction In the following questions there are four options of which only one is correct. You have to choose the correct option and mark in the answer sheet. 1.
iqLrikyu dk eq m s' gS The main objective of Book-keeping is CPT, 2006 Nov. A lkSnksa dk iw.kZ vfHkys ku Complete recording of transactions B O olk ij fo kh izHkko dk fu kkZj.k Ascertainment of Financial effect on the business C leadksa dk fo'ys"k.k ,oa fuokZpu Analysis and interpretation of data D A ,oa B nksuksa Both A and B ys kkadu esa ys kk gksrk gS In accounts recording is made of A osGoy fo kh ysu nsuksa dk Only financial transactions B osGoy xSj fo kh ysu nsuksa dk Only non-financial transactions C fo kh ,oa xSj fo kh ysu nsuksa dk Financial and non-financial transactions D Lokeh osG futh ysu nsuksa dk Personal transactions of the proprietor dk kZy Hkou osG fdjk s osG i esa fn k x k 5,000 gS ,d -------- 5,000 paid as rent of office premises is an a ....... A kVuk Event C A ,oa B nksuksa Both A and B
B ysu nsu Transaction D buesa
fuEufyf kr esa ls dkSu lk ysu nsu fo kh iz fr dk ugha gS
ls dksbZ ugha None of these
Which of the following transactions is not of
financial character A m kkj
eky kjhnuk Purchase of goods on credit B Hkou kjhnuk Purchase of a building C osru Hkqxrku djuk Payment of salaries D deZpkfj ksa kjk gM rky djuk Strike by employees ys kkadu lwpukvksa osG vkUrfjd mi ksxdrkZ gSa Internal users of accounting information are