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Trapped Wings, Open Sky still I want to fly By Nisha Arppit

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789380834832
Author: Nisha Arppit
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

wide open, content with the abuses she had thrown at Shreya. Though shreya was tearful, She found it difficult to express her feelings. She sat at the corner of the bed, trembling with mixed emotions. Hey, I am sorry , he put his hand around her shoulder but she was in no position to respond. It was not the first time that his mother had spoken to her like that. Ever since she had started visiting him at his house, his mother welcomed her with abuses and look of disgust. She would comment about her dresses or her cars as she came in. She always made sure that she passed a comment to prove that she, Shreya, was not good enough to become her bahu. Despite of his mom s taunts, Aman continued his relationship and turned a deaf ear to his mom. In retaliation, his mom came up with new methods of harassing her.
Trapped Wings, Open Sky Aman and Shreya, lovebirds as their friends called them, were in love ever since they had laid eyes upon each other. Even though Shreya was the only daughter of Indra and Shailja Nanavati, and Aman came from a very humble family, his father being a government servant, they were a couple. She was brought up with all the luxuries in the world while Aman had his middle class values intact with its typical upbringing. Shreya s father, like all other business tycoons, could give her more money than she could have asked for but what he could never give her was a little time and attention. It was the same with her mother who was a renowned social worker. These bits comprised her banal filmy house. With time, Aman became her only confidant, friend and guide. He, being the only son, was the sole hope to his soon-to-be-retired father. He was employed in an IT company in Sales, the only job he thought that would fetch more money than the salaries offered elsewhere. She, in the meantime, was waiting for her Australian visa to pursue her dreams. She wanted to study advertising. He was busy saving money for a rainy day. For him, every day was a rainy day. The problem was that she was extremely possessive and didn t want to share him with anybody. Therefore, she kept on insisting that he should accompany her to Australia. However, he always declined it, politely. His frequent yet unfruitful attempts to make her understand his situation and priorities not only angered her but pinched her ego as well. She always got what she wanted, actually more than what she wanted and he was denying her. She truly believed in the saying, Everything is fair in love and war. For her, it was a war between her and his mother.
Trapped Wings, Open Sky
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