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Transportation Engineering Vol. I eBook By Vazirani and Chandola

By Vazirani And Chandola more
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Product Specifications

ISBN 9789387394292
Author: Vazirani And Chandola
Number of Pages 1107
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Transportation Engineering Vol. I eBook By Vazirani and Chandola
Book Summary:

This book has been compiled with a view to familiarise construction techniques for Highways, Railways, Tunnelling and Construction Equipment. Codes of practice as recommended by L.S.I. and I.R.C have been followed. The book will be useful for students of Engineering and A.M.I.E. This edition is being, Underground Railways of Calcutta, Mangalore-Hassan Rail Project, Quality-Control on Road Works, Traffic prediction on main highways, Design of Slabe Thickness (Rigid Pavements), Joints in Rigid Pavement, Standard Specification of Concrete Roads, Planning and Management of Highway. It is hoped that with the incorporation of above features, the usefulness of the book would be considerably improved.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for automobile engineering students.
Table of Contents:


  1. History of roads and road construction
  2. Road planning
  3. Geometric design of highway
  4. Foundation soils
  5. Road formation grading
  6. Low cost roads
  7. Road construction materials
  8. Stabilised roads
  9. Flexible pavement
  10. Bituminous roads
  11. Rigid pavements
  12. Other types of pavement
  13. Hill Road Drainage
  14. Traffic engineering
  15. Road side arboriculture
  16. Earthwork quantities
  17. Highway maintenance
  18. Highway economics, financing and administration
  19. Highway project and estimates


  1. History of railways in India
  2. Alignment survey and project report
  3. Permanent way
  4. Geometric design
  5. Railway points and crossings and junctions
  6. Earthwork and consolidation
  7. Railway track drainage
  8. Maintenance of railway track
  9. Railway station yards and equipment
  10. Railway signalling control system and interlocking
  11. Traction, traction resistances and stresses in railway track
  12. Modernisation of track for high speed
  13. Railway accidents
  14. Urban Railways, Underground Railways and Tubic Railways
  15. Mountain railways
  16. Railway Goods Transportation
  17. High Speed Train of Tomorrow


  1. Introduction
  2. Tunnel surveying
  3. Design of tunnels
  4. Method of tunnelling in soft strata
  5. Pneumatic process or compressed air method
  6. Method of tunnelling in rock
  7. Safety Precaution in Tunnelling Work
  8. Tunnel shafts and caissons
  9. Tunnel lining
  10. Tunnel drainage
  11. Tunnel ventilation, dust prevention and lighting
  12. Tunnelling for underground railways and tube railways
  13. Design of tunnels conveying water


  1. Introduction
  2. Selection and planning of construction equipment
  3. Excavating and placing earth
  4. Soil stabilisation
  5. Hauling equipment
  6. Hoisting equipment
  7. Conveying equipment
  8. Pneumatic equipment
  9. Pumping and dewatering equipment
  10. Rock drilling
  11. Rock blasting
  12. Tunnelling
  13. Pile driving equipment
  14. Crushed stove aggregates
  15. Concrete mixing plants
  16. Grouring and gunting equipment
  17. Equipment for Bitumen mixing
  18. Maintenance and repair

Appendix A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J


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