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Trained Graduate Teacher Recruitment Test English

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Publisher Upkar Prakashan
ISBN 9788174820884
Author: Dr. B. B. Jain
Available Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

PREFACE Why Is This Book Indispensable This book is indispensable to the candidates preparing for Trained Graduate Teachers TGT Recruitment Test. This is so because the Recruitment Board has very largely changed and up-dated the syllabus for this test. Some items from the old syllabus have been deleted and some new ones have been added, so that the books written according to the old syllabus have now become inadequate and outdated. This book has been written strictly according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the Board. The Recruitment Board has divided the entire syllabus into three broad Sections as detailed below i
Forms of Literature
iii Some Authors and Their Works
Section 1 Language The Language Section has two Parts A Unseen Passages for Comprehension B Grammar in Objective form The Grammar Part includes Parts of Speech, Spellings, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Tenses, Narration, Preposition, Usage, Transformation, and Agreement. Each of the above items has been dealt with in a separate chapter in this book. The Grammar Part, in this way, makes practically a complete book of grammar in the objective and multiple-choice questions form. These questions have been so framed that no ticklish problem of Applied Grammar has been left outside the scope of this book. Necessary hints and suggestions have been given wherever necessary.
Section 2 Literature By far the more important part of the latest syllabus, and accordingly of this book, is Section 2 Literature. This Section is also divided into two Parts A Forms of Literature. B Some important Authors and their Works. Both these parts have been dealt with separately and exhaustively in this book.
Forms of Literature
Literature in general is divisible into three major Forms Poetry, Drama, and Prose. Each of these major forms is further divisible into several sub-forms, which taken together actually constitute the entire channel-wise history of English Literature from Pre-Chaucerian times to the present day. The unique feature of this book is that each sub-form under each major form Poetry, Drama, and Prose has been dealt with in detail under a separate chapter. This is a feature which, as far as I know, distinguishes this book from any other book available on this subject. As such, every serious candidate preparing for the TGT Recruitment Test would heartily appreciate and take advantage of this book.

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