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Toxicology At A Glance By Dr. Vimal Sharma

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789382518730
Author: Dr. Vimal Sharma
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

PREFACE The history of poisons dates back into antiquity, and was originally the province of ancient magicians and priests. It was once believed that poisons were mystical substances, which would prove lethal to a guilty person, but harmless to someone innocent. Perhaps the first documented recognition of the existence of poisons comes from Egypt. The Hearst medical papyrus and Ebers papyrus refer to both poisonous and therapeutic agents, and were considered written about 1500 BC. The recognition of poisonous fishes in Biblical times is clearly depicted when Moses in the Bible admonishes the Israelites These you shall eat of all that are in the waters which have fins and scales and what so ever hath not fins and scales you may not eat, for it is unclean. Deuteronomy 14 9-10 . Mithridate, King of Pontus, in the first century before Christ, was the first to develop antidotes, in the quest of universal antidote. The earliest recognized poisons were plant and animal poisons, and were used for murder or official executions. Plato reported the death of Socrates by Hemlock Conium maculatum . The famous 15th century Swiss physician and alchemist, Philippus Aureolus Theopharastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, commonly known as Parcelsus, provided a definition of poison that has defied improvement All substances are poisons, there is none which is not a poison it is the right dose that differentiates a poison. Death by drug overdose became almost common in early 1960s, typified by the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe on August 4, 1962, at the age of 36 from an overdose of barbiturates. 9
Toxicology At A Glance At the present time death due to poisoning are very common, firstly due to ample number of poisons are available as Household poisons, Industrial poisons, Agriculture poisons, and innumerable chemicals and drugs, secondly due to increasing pressure and tension of, failures in studies, getting job, work pressure, financial problems, family tension, ailments, failure in love relations and many other circumstantial reasons. These are the situations that lead to Suicidal poisoning, while revenge or hiding the crime or property matters are the reasons for homicidal poisoning. Children and illiterate adults are the real victims of Accidental poisoning. The cases are reported where the farmers sprinkling pesticide in their agriculture fields without covering their face hands and feet died of pesticide poisoning in few days. In the case of Suicidal poisoning, the poison of choice is one which acts fast and death must be sure and quick, no matter what is the taste or odour. It should be easily available and easy to carry and consume. In the case of Homicidal poisoning, the