Threat From China

Threat From China

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Publisher Lancer Publishers All Leisure Read books by Lancer Publishers
ISBN 9781935501091
Author: Bharat Verma
Number of Pages 549
Available in all digital devices
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Threat From China by Bharat Verma
Book Summary:

The multi-dimensional threat between 2011 and 2014 from China is real. The threat from China has crept to level ‘Orange’ for the past many years and the creeping invasion built over decades displays great features of stealth. First, they invaded and forcibly occupied independent Tibet. Subsequently, to protect their flank in Tibet, the Chinese demand that Arunachal be part of China. Theoretically, even if India hands over conveniently termed Southern Tibet, they will want to occupy whole of Northeast to protect flanks of Arunachal.

China primarily feels threatened by existence of the Union of India as it challenges their ambition of being the unilateral power leading Asia. Instead of integration of the citizenry and consolidation of different regions, our shortsighted politicians extend a helping hand to China and Pakistan by dividing Indians internally for vote-bank-politics.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Leisure Read.
Table of Contents:

1. Threat from China – Bharat Verma

2. Is India Scared of China? – Prakash Nanda

3. China: friend or foe? – Claude Arpi

4. Tibet: the real issue – Maj Gen Sheru Thapliyal

5. India-China Relations: some reflections – Kanwal Sibal

6. The Fall of the Dragon – Ashish Puntambekar

7. The Tibetan Factor – Claude Arpi

8. Himalayan Rivers: geopolitics and strategic perspectives – Claude Arpi

9. Nuclear and Missile Threat from China: China’s second artillery corps – Maj Gen Sheru Thapliyal

10. Missiles in Tibet – Claude Arpi

11. State, Strategy, Power & Policy: analysing China and India – Air Marshal Narayan Menon

12. China-India Maritime Rivalry – Cdr Gurpreet S Khurana

13. The Chinese Conundrum: friends and foes – Air Marshal Narayan Menon

14. The Killers’ Mace of the Dark Visitors – Claude Arpi

15. India & China in Space – Jagannath P Panda & Ajey Lele

16. An Analysis of China’s White Papers on Defense – Claude Arpi

17. Strategic Implications of Dalai Lama’s Flight to India – Claude Arpi

18. Nervous China may Attack India by 2012 – Bharat Verma

19. China: harmony or chaos? – Claude Arpi

20. India must Counter China’s Imperial Ambitions – Bharat Verma

21. Chinese Incursions, Now and Then – Claude Arpi

22. Myanmar: China’s Emerging Nuclear Proxy – RSN Singh

23. China’s String of Pearls vs India’s Iron Curtain – Ranjit B Rai

24. “Is War Around the Corner?” – Vice Admiral Arun Kumar Singh

25. Facing the Dragon: is India prepared? – Maj Gen Dhruv C Katoch

26. China: beyond 2010 – Claude Arpi

27. Nightmare 2012: Chinese special forces cut off Siliguri corridor – Bharat Verma

28. China’s New Asia Policy: emerging contours – Jayadeva Ranade

29. Dragon at the Door: the gathering storm across the himalayas – Lt Gen Harwant Singh

30. Unpredictable China: are we prepared? – Col Narender Kumar

31. The China Factor in Nepal – RSN Singh

32. India Caught between China and the Deep Sea – B Raman

33. Implications of China’s Rise – Maj Gen Sheru Thapliyal

34. Calling China’s Bluff – RSN Singh

35. Sino-Pak Strategic Partnership: the Chinese vision – Prof Priyadarsi Mukherji

36. Lengthening Malevolent Chinese Shadow – Maj Gen Sheru Thapliyal

37. India and the US-China Great Game – RSN Singh

38. China: a new kind of superpower in the making – Bhaskar Roy

39. India and China in Europe – B Raman

40. The China Factor in Kashmir – RSN Singh

41. China’s New Cold War: democracies in danger – Bharat Verma

42. The Challenge of China – Lt Gen Vinay Shankar