The Spirit of Beautiful Trees

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and offices. The contents of book is informative, explained in a simple way so that it could find its place in the hands of even layman. In a nutshell, it is valuable reference book for the students of Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, architects, bioaesthetic planners, extension personnel, and nature lovers as well.
Foreword Dr. M. S. Swaminathan Ex. Director General, ICAR, New Delhi Ex. Director General, IRRI, Manila, Philippines Ex. Vice Chairman, Planning Commission of India Chairman, M.S.S. Research Foundation Third Cross Street Taramani Institutional Area Chennai 600 113, India
rees are the most precious gifts of nature to human kind. The
Tmultiple roles they play in helping to improve the quality of human
life have been described by many poets and saints. In the context of global warming, there is increasing interest in trees from the point of view of carbon sequestration. Thus, the present publication on The Spirit of Beautiful Trees by Dr. R. A. Raju is a timely one. We need to creat greater interest in trees among our young students. Nearly 25 years ago, I wrote to all our Universities and Forest Departments asking them to identify the oldest tree in the area. Most of them wrote back describing a banyan tree in their neighbourhood. I however wanted to locate the oldest living tree of India. After a great deal of search, a Morus Serrata tree near Joshimath was identified as being over 1300 year old. The age of this tree was related to the visit of Adi Sankara to that area, who conducted prayers under that tree. Thus,
trees in our country are not only beautiful but also serve as spiritual flames. I hope this book will help to spread a love of trees in every one, both young and old, male and female and will contribute to the greening of India
M. S. Swaminathan
Front line rees are natural assets of immense value to any country. They not only preserve the physical features of the earth, stop soil erosion, mitigate floods but also make the streams flow perennially and help in sustaining river flows. Trees also make the climate equable, cool and encourage the precipitation from clouds. They provide shelter to wild life and support the biological chain. Tree cover helps in maintenance of ecological balance of nature. Besides, Trees meet the needs of timber, fuel, medicines and other commercial products which are indispensable requirements of human beings. Trees are natural heritage of the country and they represent the remarkable biological diversity and genetic resources of the earth.