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The Soul Mate By Reshma Mohan

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789382560326
Author: Reshma Mohan
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Preface Maggie is a 32 year old woman living in Bangalore. She is vibrant, vivacious, good looking and career oriented woman. She is married and is blessed with a daughter. She lives life on her own terms and strongly believes in the concept of Love and the Soul mate. For her life is incomplete without love.....Love that is shared with the chosen Soul Mate. She believes that Love chooses us and gifts us with most essential element for our existence The Soul Mate. She believes that a life is meant to be with the chosen Soul mate only, and if we choose to live without the Soul Mate, universe creates situations and circumstances to bring the Soul Mate back to you. Despite these beliefs, she is often haunted by her past especially Shiva who means a world to her, she loves Shiva but she has chosen a life with Sam coz Shiva walked out of her life at his own will. Maggie was broken at this decision of Shiva for she believed that Shiva was her Chosen Soul Mate. However she could not refrain or resist Shiva s decision and therefore accepts what life has to offer to her. That is when Sam happens to her. Sam is tall, wheatish, charming and flattery in nature. He is also very witty and sarcastic, he is a kind of man who can get attention wherever he goes. He falls for Maggie and pursues her with all his heart. Maggie is moved and touched with his gestures yet is not able to get Shiva out of her, for her Shiva is the ultimate lover boy of her life. Despite Shiva moving out of her life and never returning, she feels he resides in her soul and is a part of her. She often feels a calling for him and ends up seeing his dream or vision. Even after Jane her daughter , things don t change much for her, she still feels a calling for Shiva and these days she has been seeing Shiva in her dreams almost every day. Therefore Maggie decides to call Shiva and speak to him against all odds. And what happens after that is the Journey in search of the True Soul Mate by Maggie.
Contents Eye Contact
The Indefinite Quest
Love Life Different Worlds
The Unforgettable Tour
The Reunion