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The Logic And Philosophy of Trans Religion God By Dr. O. S. Shrivastava

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789382518761
Author: Dr. O. S. Shrivastava
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About this eBook

PREFACE There are countless books in the world on all aspects of God and different religions. This book is different because it borrows almost nothing from the holy books of religions. The logic and philosophy about God have been presented along with some scientific facts that can be understood by all. The theists believe in the existence of God as also in His being the most benign. Theists assert that God listens to the sincere and humble prayers of the persons. The atheists do not believe in God. They say that they need not offer prayers to non-existing God Hence the atheists do not enter into discussions about the acceptance or rejection of prayers by God. Atheists ask a question if you believe in God how can the pain be explained Theists ask a counter-question, if you do not believe in God how do you explain everything else More and more persons in the world are becoming agnostics these days. Agnostics believe that God, the Supreme Creator, is very much there but does not listen to the prayers. Agnostics regard God as the indifferent and non-egalitarian sustainer of life forms and their living. However, His system of inflicting death on all is totally logical because there would have been no karmas for living if there were to be no death Agnostics believe that God does not listen to the prayers of even the most distressed persons. If prayers seem to be accepted there is just that theory of probability that gets functional. Agnostics say that all technological progress of the world is overshadowed by the increasing crimes and moral decadence despite God. The total non-intervention by God in the present day sinful living by most of the persons of earth is puzzling. God certainly does not seem to be accepting prayers and if the prayers of some seem to be accepted they are simply a chance of fifty percent acceptance and fifty percent rejection. 3
Tormented persons continue to suffer. Theists say it will be not merely right but necessary that thanks giving prayers to God be offered daily. The thrust points of the ten sections are simple and they are being put here for enabling the readers to know in advance what is discussed in detailed way in the sections. Section I The Uncaused God. God is. He is uncaused. He was always there. We cannot even say that God created Himself. God is eternal, infinite, omni-present, omni-competent, omniscient, bound-less and Param i.e., the best of all like ParamPita the Supreme Father , ParamAtma the Supreme Soul , ParamEshwar the Supreme God of gods , ParamBrahma the Supreme Creator . The words Swayambhu and Khodai convey that God had no parents. Human mind is conditioned about that if anything exists it must be having a beginning and will have end. This does not apply to God. We will have to know about God s backward lineage who created the parents of God and parents of the parents of God .. The reality of uncaused