• Testing Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance Of Electrical Equipments
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Testing Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance Of Electrical Equipments

By S. Rao more
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Publisher KHANNA PUBLISHERS All Electrical Engineering books by KHANNA PUBLISHERS
ISBN 9788174091858
Author: S. Rao
Number of Pages 1385
Edition Sixth Edition
Available in all digital devices
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Testing Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance Of Electrical Equipments - Page 1 Testing Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance Of Electrical Equipments - Page 2 Testing Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance Of Electrical Equipments - Page 3 Testing Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance Of Electrical Equipments - Page 4 Testing Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance Of Electrical Equipments - Page 5

Testing Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance Of Electrical Equipments by S. Rao
Book Summary:

India and other developing countries have very ambitious and difficult tasks regarding Electrical Power-Sector. The Human Resource Development in site services is being strongly promoted.

This book presents the most useful practical information regarding Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Operation and Maintenance for every Electrical Engineering Student, and Electrical Engineer. The book is likely to be useful for preparing for Viva-Voce, Interviews, Departmental Examinations, Training and Career Delvelopment courses for Power Engineers.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Electrical Engineering Students.
Table of Content:

1. Overview of Site lanagement and Site Activities

2. SI Units. Electrical Variables and Conversion Factors, Dimensional Equations

3. Sub-transient, Transient and Steady State, Inductance, Capacitan.ce,
Reactance, Resistance, Impedance, Ohm's Law

4. Sinusoidal AC Supply, 3 Phase AC Systems, Neutral Earthing (Grounding),
Equipment Earthing, Station Earthing System

5. Electromagnetic Energy Phenomena and Materials for Electrical Equipment

6. System Voltage Levels, Voltage Variation, and Voltage Control

7. Safety Management

8. Frequency Control, Load Shedding Load Curves, Peak Load Problem,
Energy Storage and Release, Demand Side Management

9. Power Quality, Testing of Plant and Equipment

10. Energy and Power Plants, Renewable and Conventional

11. AC. Transmission, HVDC Transmission & National Grid of India

12. Distlibution Systems (Urban, Rural, Industrial, Residential)

13. Galvanized Steel Structures, Towers and Insulators For Transmissionand Distribution Lines

14. Sub-Stations, EqUipment and Busbar Systems (Conventional, SF6, GIS, HVDC)

15. Power Cables

16. Low Voltage, Low Power Control Cables and Fiber Optic Cables

17. Auxiliary Supply Systems & Storage Battery Systems & UPS in Electrical Plants

18. Primary Cell, Storage Batteries, Charging & Maintenance

19. Fuel Cells, Fuels and Fuel Cell Power Plants

20. Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer and Special Transformers

21. Current Transformers

22. Voltage Transformers

23. Switchgear, Circuit-Breakers, Contactors, Metal Clad Switchgear, GIS

24. Capacitor Units, Capacitor Banks, Voltage Control & Voltage Stability

26. Protection, Control & Automation of Electrical Plants & Equipment

26. Rotary Machines

27. Degree of Protection, Cooling Systems, Enclosures and Ratings ofIndustrial Rotating Electrical Machines

28. Selection of Motors

29. Installation and Commissioning of Induction Motors and Rotating Electrical Machines

30. Storage, Civil Works, Installation and Checks

31. Drying-out of Electrical Rotating Machines, Insulation Resistance Measurements

32. Mechanical Maintenance of Electrical Rotating Machines

33. Site Testing & Checking

34A. Care, Servicing and Maintenance of Motors

34B. Maintenance Management of Rotating Machines and EPMP (Electrical Preventive Maintenance Practice)

35. Synchronous Generator and Synchronous Motor

36. Commissioning of Synchronous Generators

37. Synchronous Motors and Synchronous Condensers, Commutator AC Motors

38. Testing of Synchronous Machines

39. Protection and Automation of Synchronous Generator and Motor, SCADA

40. Automatic Voltage Regulators & Excitation Systems of SynchronousGenerators

41. 3-Phase Induction Motors (Asynchronous Motors)

42. Testing oflnduction Motors

43. Single Phase AC Motors

44. AC Commutator Motors and Special Motors

45. D.C. GeneratOrs and D.C. Motors

46. Power Electronics

46B. AC Motor Drives, DC Motor Drives and Electronic Controls, Programmable wgic Controllers (PLC) Microprocessor Based Motor Control

47. Electrical Transportation and Traction Motors

48. Pumps, Fans, Blowers and Compressors

49. Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

50. Domestic Installation and Home Appliances

51. Electrical Heating and Melting Furnaces, Electrical Schemes, Productivity and Energy Conservation

52. Arc Welding

53. Electrical Systems in Aircraft

54. Electrical Systems in Ships

55. Illumination Engineering

56. Electrochemistry and Electrometall urgy

57. ISO 9000, BVQI and Field Quality Management Systems

58. Digital Computers and Microprocessors

59. Information Technology (IT), Applications in Electrical Systems & Plants

60. Maintenance of Electronic Equipment

61. Reliability, Availability and Outages



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