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Symbolic Logic And Logic Processing By Bindu Bansal

By Bindu Bansal more
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Chapter 1 Introduction to Logic and Knowledge ₹12.38
Chapter 2 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence ₹12.38
Chapter 3 The Search Process ₹12.38
Chapter 4 Knowledge Representation ₹12.38
Chapter 5 KR Using Logic ₹12.38
Chapter 6 Other Knowledge Representation Techniques ₹12.38
Chapter 7 Programming Languages in Artificial Intelligence ₹12.38
Chapter 8 Introduction to Logic Programming and Prolog ₹12.38
Chapter 9 Syntex & Semantics of Prolog ₹12.38
Chapter 10 Operations, Arithmetic & List Manipulation ₹12.38
Chapter 11 Backtracking, Cuts & Negation ₹12.38
Chapter 12 Input Output & Built in Predicates ₹12.38
Chapter 13 More on Built Predicates ₹12.38
Chapter 14 Logic Foundation of Prolog ₹12.38
Chapter 15 Resolution in Prolog (SLD Resolution) ₹12.38
Chapter 16 Searching & Sorting in Prolog ₹12.38
Chapter 17 Definite Clause Grammers ₹12.38
Chapter 18 Coding Standards & Debugging in Prolog ₹12.38
Chapter 19 Assessment of Prolog ₹12.38
Chapter 20 Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network ₹12.38
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Product Specifications

Publisher Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9789381159378
Author: Bindu Bansal
Available in all digital devices
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Symbolic Logic And Logic Processing By Bindu Bansal
Book Summary:

Artificial Intelligence is a blend of three main academic disciplines namely psychology (cognitive science), philosophy (mind) and computer science with further strands from mathematics, logic and linguistics. Symbolic Logic and Logic Processing is primarily designed for post graduate and graduate students of computer sicence, compiler engineering, computer applications and information technology.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for computer sicence, compiler engineering, computer applications and information technology students.
Salient Features :
  • Simple and understandable language is used throughout the book.
  • The book covers almost all essential components of AI and knowledge based systems and syllabus of various unviersities of India.
  • It includes concepts of AI as well as logic programming PROLOG.
Table of Contents:

Chapter 1.  Introduction to Logic and Knowledge
Chapter 2.  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 3.  The Search Process
Chapter 4.  Knowledge Representation
Chapter 5.  KR Using Logic
Chapter 6.  Other Knowledge Representation Techniques
Chapter 7.  Programming Languages in Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 8.  Introduction to Logic Programming and Prolog
Chapter 9.  Syntax & Semantics of Prolog
Chapter 10. Operators, Arithmetics & List Manipulation
Chapter 11. Backtracking, Cuts & Negation
Chapter 12. Input Output and Buill-in Predicates
Chapter 13. More on Built in Predicates
Chapter 14. Logic Foundations of Prolog
Chapter 15. Resolution in Prolog (SLD-Resolution)
Chapter 16. Searching and Sorting in Prolog
Chapter 17. Definite Clause Grammars
Chapter 18. Coding Standards & Debugging in Prolog
Chapter 19. Assessment of Prolog
Chapter 20. Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network

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