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Study In Ancient & Medieval India

By K N Jha more
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Publisher Cosmos Bookhive
ISBN 9788177290639
Author: K N Jha
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About this eBook

Preface It is pleasures to present our readers-university students, candidates preparing for the I.A.S. and various states civil services examination. The syllabus of history is very vast. So it is tough to posses a general but accurate knowledge of Indian history without going through a large number of texts and journals dealing with the subject. This book not only serves the needs of I.A.S. aspirants but also of general students as a basic book who require a through grasp of essential facts before appearing in any competitive examinations. I also kept in view the requirements of the growing number of candidates for competitive examination in which questions from Ancient and Medieval History are asked. I make this book useful not only to IAS aspirants but also to general students and candidates for competitive examinations. The revised edition of this book I hope is going to achieve a wide popularity among the cream of our society . The civil servants of our country were called the cream of our society by Pandit Nehru and while presenting this book, I have keep in mind the high expectation of this talented lot. History is not a mere collection of facts. Though the facts are as important to history as the bones are of human body. However, more crucial is their interpretations and analysis. So, it is most important to gain conceptual clarity, acquired through development of a proper perspective and understanding of under lying process. Success in civil services requires a well planned strategy. If actually should be a two-pronged one expensive
preparation followed by an intensive one. The former enables ones to acquire all the necessary information, while the latter helps develop a proper understanding of the subject. I hope the candidates may derive great benefit from this book by reading it is its entirely facts. U.P.S.C. syllabus of the Indian History is so vast that no water tight compartmentalization in possible while dealing with this very subject. But I hope readers will agree that the book is complete in itself, especially for the civil services mains. It is also useful for all Indian University, P.C.S., U.G.C., NET, SLET, NDA and other competitive examinations I express my sense of gratitude to the Authors and publishers who I have quoted and consulted. They are very renowned illuminaries, who have inspired me to write very effective and standardises study material for civil services examination. Finally, I owe a debt of gratitude to Sanjay Nanda, who was chiefly instrumental in favouring me to undertake their work, and who pursued his zeal until I finished it. The other is Vidya Nand Jha and Arun Kumar Jha who morally helped me at every stage. I am equally grateful to my wife, for whose moral support and physical labour to relieve me of Mundane household affairs, I would never have been able to complete the work. Finally V.O.Pillai expertly typed the matter. K. N. Jha
Chapter - 1
Archaeology and History Written history contains a very patchy and incomplete record of what mankind has accomplished in parts of the world during the last five thousand years. The period surveyed is at best about one hundredth part of the time during which men have been active on our planet. The picture presented is frankly

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