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Security Breached - Security Beyond Hacking

By Harpreet Khattar and Kshitij Adhalakha more
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Product Specifications

Publisher ASIAN
ISBN 9788184121858
Author: Harpreet Khattar and Kshitij Adhalakha
Number of Pages 169
Available in all digital devices
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  • About the book

About this eBook

Preface Welcome to the SECURITY BREACHED Book by HARPREET KHATTAR KSHITIJ ADHLAKHA. This book is being designed to introduce to all readers about what hackers actually do, this book will help you to gain entry into the minds of seasoned computer criminals, so that you can forestall their attempts and pre-empt all harmful attacks, and you will be hence well equipped to detect the ways in which hackers can infiltrate your system and use of internet pros n cons. To make effective use of the book, you should know how much safe is you re computing and is it your understanding viable to other IT vulnerable source. You don t need to be a highly-skilled programmer in order to use this book, but you may find the understanding of some concepts particularly in object-oriented skills to be extremely helpful. One of the most notable differences between the original approach and today s bestpractices is in the way you develop things in mind what I am approaching. This approach is focusing on security development and hacking Pros n cons. You would be able to learn how you secure yourself in cyber space and secure your data interface and store everything safely in the same platform with this help book. How to know is this working very well in the beginning as many dynamic minds are specialized in projects, READ THIS BEGINNER LEVEL. In this book you will still read about using the approach for many of the examples. Please understand this as a way to quickly and easily learn about the underlying technologies. If you want to built a better approaching for project so called your own or you are consulting any company you need to extend yourself in a predictable way. You ll also learn about the differences between other advisors. All chapters covers issues and solutions for building and maintaining large questions, and focuses on issues of IT management and scalability. In particular you ll learn about the tools and techniques needed to turn a small thinking to a large-scale thinking. So, ready to servicing many visitors.
Prelims.indd 11
4 29 2013 2 06 40 PM
Acknowledgements Apart from the efforts of us, the success of any book depends largely on the encouragement and guidelines of many others. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful completion of this book. We would like to show our greatest appreciation to Mr. Chetan Soni Sr. Security Specialist at Secugenius Security Solutions , Navdeep Sethi, Kailash D. Agarwal, Nipun Jaswal, Parul Khanna, Rahul Tyagi, Rishabh Dangwal, Amarjit Singh, Ajay Anand, Anurag Acharya and all the persons who have been associated with Secugenius family. Also we would like to thank to Dr. Tripatdeep Singh Dua Asst. Prof. Deptt. of Computer Applications, GNIMT, Ludhiana . We can t say thank you enough for his tremendous support and help. We feel motivated and encouraged every time we attend his meeting. Our whole hearted consideration to the deliberate importance in our life and every future step goes to Mr. Chandan Suri, Founder, FTG Solutions Who has taught me to speak from heart and enable senses to listen patiently to hear speech from others. Thanks for being with me sir and guiding me in each step. Dr. Harsh Sadawarti, Director, RIMT-IET, Mandi Gobindgarh Had been an initiator to develop showcase our pathways in a unique manner. We sincerely thank for his able guidance towards these steps. Dr. Sandeep Singh Kaura, Joint Managing Director, Rayat Bahra Group of Institutes

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