Green Genius's 101 Questions and Answers : Extremely Endangered Creatures

Green Genius's 101 Questions and Answers : Extremely Endangered Creatures Green Genius's 101 Questions and Answers : Extremely Endangered Creatures Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: TERI Press
ISBN: 9788179932070
Number of Pages: 48

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Content Development Kemaya Kidwai Publishing Head Anupama Jauhry Editorial and Production Teams Pallavi Sah, Arshi Ahmad, Aman Sachdeva, Mahfooz Alam Design and Illustration Teams Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury, Archana Singh Neeraj Riddlan Image Research Yukti Garg
Printed and bound in India This book is printed on recycled paper.
The Energy and Resources Institute
A note from Dr R K Pachauri Human society has reached a stage of prosperity, which was not expected several decades ago. Yet, a large number of people live in poverty and are barely able to keep alive. It appears that they have not been touched by human progress at all. At the same time, what we regard as progress has resulted in damage and destruction of our natural resources and caused serious problems such as human-induced climate change, which threaten all forms of life in different parts of the world in the form of sea-level rise, heatwaves, floods, droughts, and melting of glaciers. All of this provides a strong reason for us to re-examine what we have mistakenly believed as human progress and change the way we have been pursuing human activities. For instance, we must now use renewable sources of energy and eco-friendly methods of production and consumption, make efficient use of water in every activity, and protect biodiversity. It is in the hands of the children to try to change their own lives towards greater protection of the environment and all our natural resources. They can also take active part in changing the thinking of adults. Children can take the lead in organizing actions, which support conservation of resources, recycling of waste water, and greater use of renewable sources of energy, at the community level. This series of children s books is aimed at providing children with knowledge on what needs to be done in all these areas. I hope those who read these books will not only enjoy them greatly but also feel inspired to implement actions that are described in these pages, so that we create a beautiful, peaceful, and healthy future for the human race.
R K Pachauri Director-General, TERI Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
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