NCERT Foot Prints Withour Feet Supp. Reader Textbook for Class X

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section prefaced with relevant questions. Thus the texts do not need to be read out or explained by the teacher in class. Word glosses have similarly been kept to the minimum so as to encourage inferences about meaning from sentential and discourse contexts. The teacher, after a quick oral comprehension check, if necessary, can progress to the questions
Teacher A Note to the Teacher
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under the head Think About It at the end of each unit. These are meant to take the learner beyond factual comprehension to contemplate on the issues that the texts raise the questions are open ended and thought provoking. The questions given under Talk About It are intended to encourage the learners to express their own ideas in a creative and coherent way. It is hoped that the topics suggested for discussion will encourage learners to develop a constructive analysis of the relevant issues, involving critical thinking, reasoning, and previous knowledge as well as new knowledge. The list of suggested readings given at the end of each story is meant to encourage learners to read further on their own. The idea is to promote the habit of self-learning and reduce dependence on the teacher. Language learning is essentially a matter of acquiring in an integrated way the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing and of honing these skills for effective communication in the classroom, and later in real life. This book offers an opportunity for taking learners in that direction.