राजस्थान प्री फार्मेसी टेस्ट बायोलॉजी ग्रुप

राजस्थान प्री फार्मेसी टेस्ट बायोलॉजी ग्रुप राजस्थान प्री फार्मेसी टेस्ट बायोलॉजी ग्रुप Sample PDF Download
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Plant cell Its fine structure and contents Protoplasm Physical and Chemical properties structure and chief functions of the main organelles cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis, structure and chemistry of chromosomes.
Unit 3 Mendel's laws of inheritance incomplete dominance, test-cross and back-cross monohybrid and dihybrid ratios.
Unit 5 Lower plants Distribution, structure lifehistory and systematic position of the following taxa 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Viruses, Mycoplasma and Bacteria a general account. Algae Ulothrix Fungi Albugo Bryophyta Riccia Pteridophyta Pteridium
Unit 6
Unit 3
Higher Plants Life history of Capsella. Medical plants Medicine obtained, their uses, plant parts from which they are obtained in the following plants Rauvolfia serpentina, Curcuma longa, papaver somniferum, Ferula asafoetida and Cinchona officinalis.
Habits, habitat, structure and life processes of Amoeba. Habits, habitat and structure of plasmodium including life cycle.
Unit 7 Diagnostic characteristics, generalized floral diagrams and formulae and 5 10, economically important plants of the following families Cruciferae, Malvaceae, Leguminosae, Solanaceae and Liliaceae.