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PREFACE Pulses play a vital role in im proving soil health through biological nitrogen fixation. These crops also co nserve
natural resources
and provide
sustainability in agricultural
productivity. Pulses form an integral com ponent in subsistence farm ing system s of tropics and subtropics. Being short duration various pulses fit well in different cropping system s under rainfed as well as irrigated conditions, with an overriding practice of intercropping to avoid crop failure in a sole cropping system . Pulses being rich in edible protein provide a high value food, nutritional security and alleviate m alnutrition of poor m asses in India. Som e pulses are also im portant source of animal feed.
India is the
largest producer of pulses.
However, due to burgeoning
population a
progressive decline has been recorded in per caput availability of pulses 69 g in 1961 to 36 g in 2000 , which is a m atter of serious concern. There is a steady m arginalisation in the cultivation of pulses in the w ake of the 'G reen R evolution'. The Indian G overnm ent is taking various corrective m easures and finalising strategies for enhancing production and productivity of pulses. However, pulses face a tough com petition with cereal crops, which are high yielder, rem unerative and more stable. A considerable new inform ation on pulses has been generated in the last few years in India and abroad.
The inform ation is available in various journals, m agazines, research reports,
booklets, etc. Thus, there was a great need to gather the scattered and fragm entary inform ations and present them in a book for use by the teachers, students, research w orkers and others interested to know the recent advances in pulses. A request was made to the scientists having rich experiences on pulses to contribute chapters on various aspects. The chapters given in this book contain num erous current research activities, innovations and investigations to im prove productivity and utilisation of pulses.
The main focus is on origin and
history, m orphological description, germ plasm , varietal im provem ent, role of w eather param eters, physiological yield barriers, biological nitrogen fixation, nutrient dynam ics, agro-techniques, pulsebased cropping system s, w ater m anagem ent, weed control, allelopathy, insect pest and disease m anagem ent, seed production, processing, and nutritional quality of pulses. Hope this publication