Process Dynamics And Control

Process Dynamics And Control

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Publisher PHI Learning All Chemical Engineering books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120348462
Author: Prabir Kumar Sarkar
Number of Pages 784
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About The Book Process Dynamics And Control

Book Summary:

Primarily intended as a textbook for the undergraduate students of chemical engineering, it introduces students to fundamental principles in system dynamics and control. This book bridges the conceptual gap by using a number of examples from physical as well as from different facets of human experience.

The text introduces the concepts of State variable techniques and MIMO systems. An indigenously developed simulation platform for open and closed loop simulation has been introduced for analysis and design of dynamic processes. All the topics in this text are supported by quite a number of worked out and exercise problems.

The Accompanying CD with this book includes a number of computer programs to verify the results obtained during the open and closed loop dynamic studies. It also contains a number of Demonstration Programs exposes concepts of process dynamics and the CD exposes various control through extensive use of animated graphics.

Key Features

This text guides students to:

Model and simulate the behaviour of first, second and higher order dynamical systems.
Design and tune feedback and feedforward controllers, and obtain a hands-on experience in doing this via simulation.
Configure and analyze control loops for stability and performance.

Table of Contents:

Preface Acknowledgements

1. Introduction

2. Preliminary Concepts for Process Dynamic Model Development

3. Basic Modelling Principles (Time Domain Analysis)

4. Transfer Function of First Order Systems (Complex Domain Analysis)

5. Response of First Order Systems (Complex Domain Analysis)

6. Transfer Function Development and Response Analysis of Second Order Systems (Complex Domain Analysis)

7. Measuring Elements, Signal Transducers and Final Control Elements

8. Automatic Controllers

9. Dynamic Model and Response Analysis of Closed Loop Systems

10. Stability Analysis of Closed Loop Systems

11. Frequency Response Analysis

12. Process Identification (Experimental Methods of Dynamic Model Development)

13. Controller Tuning

14. Digital Simulation of Processes and Control Systems

15. Advanced Control Strategies

16. State Variables and Multiple Input-Output Systems


1A: Common Unit Conversions and Physical Properties

1B: Instrument Symbols Used in This Book

2:Laplace Transform

3A: Control Valves, Their Steady State Characteristics and Sizing

3B: Processes with Recycle Path

4: Transform Chart, Response Equations and Controller Tuning Formulae