P C Wren's Grammar  2

P C Wren\'s Grammar 2

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Product Specifications

Publisher SChand Publications All Class 2 English books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9789352834112
Author: P C Wren
Number of Pages 97
Edition Revised Edition
Available in all digital devices
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P C Wren's Grammar 2 by P C Wren
Book Summary:

P C Wren’s Grammar is the revised edition of the highly successful series and is based on user feedback. A set of eight English grammar textbooks for classes 1 to 8, the series, acknowledged as one of the best and most authoritative of traditional grammar, has been specially designed to meet the needs of the learners in primary and middle schools today.

The audience of the Book :
This book is useful for Class-2 Students.
Key Features:
The main features of the book are as follows:
1. Includes carefully graded material across the series with a special focus on structure and usage
2. Less analysis, more examples, and exercises
3. A special section on vocabulary with extended drilling of spellings and usage of words
Table of Contents:

1. Alphabetical Order

2. Sentences

3. Nouns (Naming Words)

4. Nouns: Common and Proper

5. Numbers: Singular and Plural

6. Adjectives (Describing Words)

7. Articles: A, An, The

8. Pronouns (Words Replacing Nouns)

Revision Test 1

9. Verbs (Action Words)

10. Is, Am, Are

11. Was, Were

12. Has, Have, Had

13. Is, Am, Are +ing

Revision Test 2

14. Adverbs

15. Prepositions (Position Words)

16. Conjunctions (Joining Words)

17. Interjections (Words of Feelings)

Revision Test 3

18. Comprehension

19. Composition

20. Words

21. Listen and Speak

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