Objective Commerce And Accountancy

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PREFACE TO THE 25TH EDITION I take great pleasure in presenting this revised and updat ed edition of t his book on O bjective T Q ype uestions in C ommerce. The learned professors and students have praised the excellent presentation of the subject matter in a simple and lucid style and utility of the multiple choice and other objective type questions from examination point of view. I thank t hem for their compliments and also for their support and suggestions. I n t his edition, chapter on Final Accounts of Joint S tock C ompanies has been thoroughly revised in view of the revised S chedule VI of the C ompanies Act. Moreover, quite a few printing errors, which could be identified and those pointed out by the readers, have been taken care of. I am sure t his edit ion will prove extremely useful for UG NE and other C T competitive exams including departmental exams of various PS Us. I am grateful to all those unnamed readers of this book who have taken pains to send me their suggestions, corrections and comments for further improvement of this book. I assure them that their views have helped me a lot in improving the subject matter of this book. I appeal t o all readers t o cont inue t o ext end t heir cooperation for further improvement in the next edition. I am also thankful to publishers M S C osmos Bookhive Pvt. Ltd for taking interest in this publication and presenting it in a beautiful get up. I always welcome suggestions on how to improve continuously and add value for readers.
M.N. Arora E -mail aroramn59 yahoo.co.in
Contents PART I AC OUNT C ANC AND AUDI TI NG Y 1. I nt roduction to Account ing
1.1 to 1.20
2. C apital and Revenue E xpenditures and Receipts
2.1 to 2.12
3. Accounting S