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NDA Exam Model Papers With Detailed Solutions

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Publisher Cosmos Bookhive
Author: Munish Kaushal
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S6 They had therefore, to be content to buy rolls of readymade silk and take them back to their own lands. P They wanted to know how to make them Q Traders from other civilisations saw their exquisite silk products. R But the traders were never told. S They kept the discovery a secret for many hundreds of years. The proper sequence should be a PQRS b QRSP
c SQPR d SRQP S1 By the time Sushant and I had tumbled out of the room, the shock was over. S6 Only a few days back astrologers had predicted the end of the world, and everyone was convinced that this was only the first of a series of earthquakes. P Several women had fainted Q On the other hand, many were shrieking and running about. R One old man of seventy leapt from a first floor balcony and broke his neck. S But panic prevailed, and the entire population of the mohalla was out in the street. The proper sequence should be a SPQR b RPQS c SRPQ d PRQS S1 Alleppy is a busy port on the coast of Kerala. S6 Large quantities of coir and dry coconut are exported to Europe and America from Alleppy. P Coir is a brown fibre which is obtained from the outer covering of the coconut.