NCERT Indian Economic Development Textbook For Class XI

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This course comprises of many activities with each chapter. The students have to carry out such activities under the guidance of their teachers. In fact, the role of the teacher in enriching the understanding of the Indian economy is greater in this course. The activities include classroom discussions, collecting information from government documents such as Economic Survey, archival materials, from newspapers, television and others sources. Learners should also be encouraged to read the works of scholars on various topics. For all this to happen, the teachers have to initiate the process by taking some steps before starting the course. At the beginning of the academic year, students may be asked to collect clippings from newspapers and magazines relating to different topics under the course five year plans allocation of funds to various sectors like agriculture, industry, services and for specific causes such as poverty and employment key issues of rural development, environment, various
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infrastructures, health, education and energy and economic events in China and Pakistan. They have to maintain these clippings, and when the teacher starts teaching a particular topic, they can cull out those news items, which they have collected from the beginning of the course, and display use them in the classroom. It is necessary for learners to build this collection right from the beginning of the course so that the relevent information is at hand as and when needed this habit will also come in handy during later stages of education. The schools will have to buy a hard copy of the Economic Survey for the latest year. You will notice that information relating to the Indian Economy is updated in the Economic Survey. It is necessary for the students to familiarise themselves with such reports and work on relevant activities. The statistical tables available as Appendix in the Economic Survey would be immensely helpful in understanding various issues. While discussing a particular issue, discussion of the numerical information about the issue is inevitable. For instance, when we talk of growth rates overall growth rates and growth of different sectors though it may be necessary for the learners to have a rough idea about the trends in growth rates, they may also be encouraged to learn the process involved in reaching the level of growth and factors contributing to the trend rather than mere reproduction of tabular data of growth rate. You will notice numbered boxes in all chapters. These boxes supplement the information given in the text. Through these boxes, an attempt has been made to lend a humane touch and, thus, bring the issue under discussion closer to real life. However, these boxes, as also Work These Out activities, are not meant for examination evaluation purposes. Besides the relatively conventional Exercises , each chapter has Suggested Additional Activities at the end and Work This