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PREFACE 'Mushroom Culture' has been practised quite long in France, USA, Holland, Germany, UK and also in China. Mushrooms have been used as food delicary since time immemorial and their indoor cultivation first started in some of the above European countries around the early part of the last century in commercial scale. With gradual advancement of scientific research and better technologies of their growing , mushroom farming has develvped as an industry not only for domestic market but for export in several advanced countries . The nutritional value of mushroom is rated between meat and vegetable, and as such these are termed as Vegetable Meat . These are low in calorie value , and are recommended for diabetic and heart patients . Further, mushroom is reported to possess some anti-cancer properties. Mushrooms provide human diet with source of valuable proteins, minerals and vitamins with complete fat cholesterol free and rich in antioxidants. These are now regarded as good nutritional food supplements besides countering some disease syndromes. The global mushroom production in 2009 was 2.4 million tonnes growing at a rate of around 7 per cent China with 1.7 million tonnes production. India s production of mushrooms was only 40,600 tonnes in the year 2009-10 along with per capita consumption of 20-25 g which is comparatively low as compared of to Europe and USA 2-3 kg . The current share of India in World exports is less than 1 per cent. Total mushroom exports from India in 2009-10 were around 11000 tonnes valued at Rs. 66 crore to the destinations of US, Israel and Mexico. With this aforesaid back ground, the author has written this text book for the students of SAUs as per prescribed syllabus. The author acknowledges his deep gratitude and thanks to Prof. L.L. Somani and Mrs. Geeta Somani of Agrotech Publishing Academy, Udaipur for Publication of the book and also he is thankful to his beloved wife Pushpa, son Koustuv and sister Kalyani for their sustained encouragement and inspiration for writing the book. B.L. Jana
ABOUT THE BOOK Mushroom cultivation in India is hardly about fifty years old. The mushroom growing centres are mainly in the north and some regions of the south alongwith Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as important mushroom growing states. Recently the eastern states have takne much interest in mushroom cultivation. The technology mf mushroom culture got a boost-up when a project on mushroom cultivation was started in Himachal Pradesh followed by the establishment of the National Centre for Mushroom Research and Training and functions in some State Agricultural universities, KVKs and private sectors. The author has prompted to write to this book "Mushroom