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Microbes in the Service of Mankind

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Publisher JBC Press
ISBN 9789381558850
Available in all digital devices
  • About the book

About this eBook

Man has been exploiting microbes for centuries purposely or unintentionally for numerous benefit. Microorganisms are directly or indirectly involved in each and every activity of our everyday life. Be it healthcare, foods or ecosystem, they are imparting abundant benefits to the mankind, and making the planet livable for us. As the knowledge of microbiology grew, other biotechnological uses for the microbes were found. In more modern times, the use of microorganisms as biotechnological agents of profit has not only continued but has explosively increased. The modern tools of genetic engineering have fueled the use of microorganisms for economic gain and benefit. Other medical uses of microorganisms, particularly in the production of antibiotics, have been the greatest boon to humans and other animals. Microorganisms have also been harnessed as factories to produce various compounds, proteins, enzymes etc. that are used in different areas such as textile manufacture, agriculture, environment, health and nutrition etc. However, the literature associated with Microbiology, of necessity, tends to be specialized and focused. For that reason, it is difficult to find sources that provide a broad perspective on a wide range of topics related to beneficial microbes. In this prolific context, the proposed book Microbes in the Service of Mankind Tiny Bugs with Huge Impact is an innovative and conscientious compilation of wide arrays of potential benefits and possible applications of microorganisms in different areas viz. health and nutrition, disease prevention, agriculture, environment and industry etc. In a manner unique to this book, it meticulously recapitulates and reviews the personal research encounters and experiences of eminent researchers working in different specializations of microbiology and biotechnology and hence, is certainly going to be exceptionally beneficial to diverse
juvenile researchers as well as eminent scientists by updating their knowledge and understanding of potential benefits and prospective applications of these wonderful microbes for the benefit of mankind as well as the planet. The concept behind this venture is to provide a single reference volume with appeal to microbiologists on all levels and fields, including those working in research, teaching, industry, and government. We believe that this book will be helpful, especially for accessing material in areas in which the reader is not a specialist. It is intended to facilitate preparing lectures and reports, and to satisfy curiosity regarding topics of beneficial microbes. Our intention is to provide affordable and readyaccess to a large variety of topics of potential benefits of microbes within one set of covers. To this end, we have chosen subjects that, in our opinion, will be of greatest interest to the largest number of readers. Included are the general and potential chapters, brought up to date and augmented with current references. We have emphasized topics that are currently sizzling in the field of benefits of microbes , including additional chapters from other sources. The result is a volume where coverage is

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