Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 2nd 3rd and 4th Year

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 2nd 3rd and 4th Year Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 2nd 3rd and 4th Year Sample PDF Download
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An introductionn to Metallurgy Alan Cottrell, University Press India Oriental Longman Pvt. Ltd., 1974.
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10ME32B 42B 04 52 PART- A
IA Marks 25 Exam Hours 03 Exam Marks 100
UNIT-1 Standards of measurement Definition and Objectives of metrology, Standards of length-International prototype meter, Imperial standard yard, Wave length standard, subdivision of standards, line and end standard, calibration of end bars Numerical , Slip gauges, Wringing phenomena, Indian Standards M-81, M-12 , Numerical problems on building of slip gauges. 06 Hours UNIT-2 System of Limits, Fits, Tolerance and Gauging Definition of tolerance, Specification in assembly, Principle of interchangeability and selective assembly limits of size, Indian standards, concept of limits of size and tolerances, compound tolerances, accumulation of tolerances, definition of fits, types of fits and their designation IS919-1963 , geometrical tolerance, positional-tolerances, hole basis system, shaft basis system, classification of gauges, brief concept of design of gauges Taylor's principles , Wear allowance on gauges, Types of gauges-plain plug gauge, ring gauge, snap gauge, limit gauge and gauge materials. 07 Hours UNIT-3 Comparators and Angular measurement Introduction to comparators,