• Innovation for Sustainable Development
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Innovation for Sustainable Development

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Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179935569
Author: Jean-Yves Grosclaude
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 306
Available Available in all digital devices
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Innovation has become the new buzzword across the globe. International organisations, governments, corporates, academia and society see it as the answer to the major economic, social and environmental transformations challenging the models of the 20th century.

Innovations are occurring worldwide and alternative solutions to the existing problems are emerging in all sectors: electric cars, organic farming, renewable energy and e-learning are good examples. These alternatives can be ascribed with qualities such as decentralized frugal, flexible, smart and democratic, virtues that are lacking in conventional models. They are attributed with the potential to meet the overall global challenges such as climate change and the growing inequalities between and within countries.

What is the real potential of innovation? Does the rapid deployment of innovations lead towards a more sustainable and inclusive society? Can innovations and the emerging alternatives replace conventional models? Beyond technologies, what institutional innovations are required to support sustainable development?

A Planet for Life 2014 aims to answer these questions and explore innovation in all its aspects, through a series of texts written by international experts. The objective of this book is to analyse experiences from across the world and the role of innovation in a variety of areas of development such as urbanization, agriculture and food, the mobility of people and freight, education and the provision of water and energy to all.

Table Of Contents

• Chapter 1 • Technology, globalization and the environment: is the world ready for a global golden age? by Carlota Perez
• Chapter 2 • ICT: beyond the myth of the dematerialized economy by Fabrice Flipo
• Chapter 3 • Innovation in mobility: combining vision, technology and behavioural change by David Banister
• Chapter 4 • Emerging and converging technologies: wild card for sustainable development? by Alfred Nordmann
• Chapter 5 • Towards hybrid socio-technical solutions for urban water and energy provision by Olivier Coutard, Jonathan Rutherford, Daniel Florentin
• Chapter 6 • Agri-food, innovation and sustainable development by Stéphane Fournier, Marcelo Champredonde
• Chapter 7 • Are sustainable consumption modes emerging? by Alison Armstrong,
• Chapter 8 • Disentangling the debate on open access for meeting global challenges in life science by Selim Louafi, Eric Welch
• Chapter 9 • The public policy of sustainable development: innovation for a real utopia by Lucien Chabason
• Chapter 10 • Nothing new under the sun: institutional innovation for the governance of sustainability by Jon Marco Church
• Chapter 11 • Water governance in megacities: innovation facing the techno-political hurdle by Bernard Barraqué, Rosa Maria Formiga-Johnsson
• Chapter 12 • Frugal innovation: a pioneering strategy from the South by Navi Radjou
• Chapter 13 • Do national systems of innovation benefit from foreign investment? Lessons from the BRICS by José E. Cassiolato
• Chapter 14 • How does China’s take on capitalism influence its capacity for innovation? by Wei Zhao, Senior Joel Ruet
• Chapter 15 • Could innovation dwindle? Insights from the photovoltaic trade conflict by Tancrède Voituriez, Xin Wang

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