Information Technology (A Text Book For Paper-6 of Professional Education (Examination-II) of I.C.A.I)

Information Technology (A Text Book For Paper-6 of Professional Education (Examination-II) of I.C.A.I) Information Technology (A Text Book For Paper-6 of Professional Education (Examination-II) of I.C.A.I) Sample PDF Download
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As we all know, now a days there are large number of people using personal computer PC in their daily activities. Those people are Managers,Operators, Programmers, Accountants and many others, and usually have their works made simple by using personal computers. Simple-to-understand programs make life even easier to organize.Today s computer systems are far more than computational and text processing tools. They enable new communication paradigm. Thus, computer know-how has became the need of the hour. This book is primarily written for the students who are new to computers. The book aims to provide essential, practical guidance in the short amount of time available to students. A workbook format is used to provide a hands-on approach to learning these skills. You will learn as you do. The book is divided into 8 parts that readers can dip into, as they need to during their course. Exercises relate directly to situations that students may find themselves in during their course of study. It also provides useful guidelines on how to operate Windows. It provides basic Windows operating skills to those who are not familiar with the windows environment. The book has been prepared to complement the Internet Training which include instructions for the following subjects An overview of the Internet Using e-mail and Navigating the Web. Whereas the first 4 parts deals with the computer basics and fundamentals database Management, internet and cyber laws, the last 4 parts of the book introduces you to the Word-Processing Package MS-Word Spreadsheet Package MS-Excel Presentation Package PowerPoint and Accounting Package Tally. It is hoped that the book in its present form will catter to the needs of students preparing for thier C.A. examination.
Renu Gupta F-229, Prashant Vihar, Delhi 85
SYLLABUS Paper 6 Information Technology One Paper Three hours 100 marks Level of Knowledge Working Knowledge Objective To develop understanding the appreciation of broad nature and application of information technology. Contents 1. Introduction to computers 2. Overview of technology architecture Hardware Types of computer mainframes, minicomputers, microcomputers, advantages, and limitations Anatomy of computer functions and components of a computer Software System software, Application software Other expert specialised systems decision support, artificial intelligence systems, etc. Database structure What is database Types of database structures comparisons between the structures.