ICSE Previous Year Solved Question Papers For Class 10 Geography 2013-2015

ICSE Previous Year Solved Question Papers For Class 10 Geography 2013-2015 ICSE Previous Year Solved Question Papers For Class 10 Geography 2013-2015 Sample PDF Download
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Draining away of the fertile top soil reduces the content of minerals and nutrients of the land, which may affect the agricultural production. iii. The roots of trees hold on to the soil and help in soil conservation. Deforestation exposes the soil to water and wind forces which leads to soil erosion. Answer 5 a Two characteristics of the Tropical Deciduous Forests are i. Tropical Deciduous forests shed their leaves for about six to eight months during the dry season. ii. These forests are less dense. Based on the availability of water, these forests are categorised into moist deciduous forests and dry deciduous forests. b Two reasons why Tropical Evergreen Forests are difficult to exploit because these forests are dense with many plants and climbers tangled to each other in these forests. Secondly, the lack of transport means to travel deep into these forests has made their trees difficult to be used commercially. c i. Sandelwood ii. Sundari iii. Shisham
GEOGRAPHY 2015 Solution
d Planting of trees on a large scale is known as afforestation. Deforestation refers to the large scale destruction of forests. Disadvantages of deforestation Since trees help in moderation of the climate, deforestation results in environmental changes like increase in temperature and reduced precipitation. Answer 6 a Irrigation is important in a country like India because of the following reasons
Monsoons in India are uneven, erratic in nature and hence unreliable. While it may rain well during one year, another year the rainfall may be scarce. Hence irrigation is necessary despite the monsoons. To maximise production, it is important to irrigate crops. Depending on rainfall does not always result in high production. b Two modern methods of irrigation are Drip Method is the best modern method of irrigation as in this method water is directly given to the crops through perforated pipes. This reduces the evaporation and each crop can be irrigated according to its nature. Spray Irrigation In this method, water is utilised more efficiently. Hence, the amount of water needed to irrigate a field reduces considerably. c i. Wells are still popular means of irrigation due to the following reasons Firstly, surface wells can be constructed at a very low cost while construction of inundation canals from rivers is not within the reach of poor farmers. Secondly, wells can be used even during summers. ii. Many countries in the world today suffer from water scarcity. Rain water harvesting is required as this technique of storing water ensures water supply even during dry months or droughts. Besides this is an environmental friendly technique of storing