Hinduism & Its Military Ethos

Hinduism & Its Military Ethos

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Publisher Lancer Publishers All Leisure Read books by Lancer Publishers
ISBN 9781935501473
Author: Air Marshal (Retd) R K Nehra
Number of Pages 493
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Hinduism & Its Military Ethos by Air Marshal (Retd) R K Nehra
Book Summary:

What is (real) Hinduism? The simple answer is that there is no ‘simple answer’. We know Hinduism as the most ancient, complex and fascinating religion of humankind. It may also be the least understood due to bewildering variety of its thought processes, which are both original and sublime.

An attempt has been made in the book to present a short and simplified, yet comprehensive view of Hinduism – its culture and civilization. The vast range of Hindu gods and goddesses is fully explored. It is considered that after going through the book, aam admi (layman) would be greatly informed about Hinduism; and Hindus will feel empowered about their religion. The book will be of special interest to NRIs, especially of the second generation, in search of their roots. For everyone else, including the foreigners, there is a fascinating story waiting to be discovered.

The second half of the book relates to study of the Hindu military value system from the earliest times of mythology to the present times. Issues of Hindu military mindset and 750 years of unending slavery are covered in detail. The causes for the Hindu military defeats are analyzed with an extraordinary degree of candor; the conclusions reached shatter many a prevalent myth.

Audience of the Book :
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Table of Contents:

1. About the Contents

2 Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism — India Born Religions

3 The Judaic Religions

4 Hinduism — An Overview

5 The Hindu Religious Literature

6 The Hindu Godhood

7 Hindu Creation Concepts

8 Manu

9 Hinduism — Miscellaneous

10 Polytheism vs Monotheism — The Confusion

11 Hindu Untouchability — A Curse

12 Hindu Ahimsa — The Undoing

13 Hindu Tolerance — The Myth

14 Some Hindu Sayings — The Problem Area

15 Aryan Migration — A Fading Theory

16 Hindu History — The Early Period

17 The Mauryan Empire

18 The Barbaric Invasions

19 The Gupta Empire and its Aftermath

20 Hindu Calendar Systems

21 Muslim Invasions

22 The Muslim Rule

23 The Rajputs

24 The Marathas

25 South India

26 The British Conquest

27 Partition of India

28 The Indian Armed Forces

29 Some Indian Conflicts

30 The Kargil Conflict

31 The Indian Atom Bomb

32 Bangladesh

33 Civilizational Symbols — The Ayodhya Temple

34 The Hindu Bounty

35 Some War Issues

36 India Gate

37 Self-Respect

38 Hindu Military Reverses — Synopsis

39 Factors Affecting Outcome of War

40 Hindu Military Mindset

41 Factors Affecting Hindu Mindset

42 Summary of Causes of Hindu Defeats

43 Summary and Conclusions