Higher Engineering Mathematics

Higher Engineering Mathematics

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Publisher SChand Publications All Engineering Mathematics books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9788121938907
Author: H.K. Dass, Er. Rajnish Verma
Number of Pages 1735
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Higher Engineering Mathematics by H.K. Dass, Er. Rajnish Verma
Book Summary:

The book has received very good response from students and teachers within the country and abroad alike. Its previous edition is exhausted in a very short time.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for engineering students.
Table of Contents:


1. Partial Differentiation

2. Total Differentiation

3. Maxima And Minima Of Functions (Two Variables)

4. Errors

5. Jacobians

6. Taylor's Series For Functions Of Two Variables


7. Double Integrals

8. Applications Of The Double Integrals

9. Triple Integration

10. Application Of Triple Integration


11. Differential Equations Of First Order

12. Liner Differential Equations Of First Order

13. Cauchy - Euler Equations, Method Of Variation Of Parameters

14. Simultaneous Liner Differential Equations

15. Differential Equations Of Other Types

16. Applications To Differential Equations


17. Determinants

18. Algebra Of Matrices

19. Rank Of Matrix

20. Consistency Of Linear System Of Equations And Their Solutions

21. Eigen Values, Eigen Vector, Cayley Hamilton Theorem, Diagonalisation (Complex And Unitary Matrices, Applications )


22. Review Of Vector Algebra

24.Differentiation Of Vector (Point Function, Gradient, Divergence And Curl Of A vector And Their Physical Interpretations)

25.Vector Integration

Unit – VI

26.Complex Numbers

27.Expansion Of Trigonometric Functions

28.Functions Of Complex Variable, Analytic Function

29.Conformal Transformation

30.Complex Integration

31.Taylor's And Laurent's Series

32.The Calculus Of Residues (Integration)

Unit – VII

33.Series Solutions Of Second Order Differential Equations

34.Bessel’s Functions

35.Legendre Functions

36.Hermite Function

37.laguerre’s Function

38.Chebyshev Polynomials

39.Gama, Beta Functions

Unit – VIII

40.Infinite Series

41.Fourier Series

Unit – IX

42.Integral Transfroms

43.Laplace Transform

44.Inverse Laplace Transforms

45.Z- Transforms

46..Hankel Transform

47.Hilbert Transform

Unit – X

48.First Order Lagrange’s Linear Partial Differential Equations

49.Linear Partial Differential Equations With Constant Coefficients Of 2nd Order

50.Applications Of Partial Differential Equations

Unit – XI

51.Algebraic And Transcendental Equations (Bisection Method, Regula Falsi,

52.Newton Raphson Method)

53.Simultaneous Linear Equations

54.Numerical Technique For Solution Of Ordinary Differential  Equations.

55.Numerical Techniques For Solution Of Partial Differential Equation

Unit – XII

56.Calculus Of Variation

57.Tensor Analysis

Unit – XIII

58.Linear Programming

Unit – XIV

59.Statistical Technique

60.Method Of Least Squares

61.Correlation And Regression

62.Correlation And Multiple Regression Analysis

Unit – XV


64.Sampling Methods

65.Binomial Distribution

66.Poisson Distribution

67.Normal Distribution

68.Fuzy Set