• Healthy Happy Me: Easy-Peasy guide to awesome health
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Healthy Happy Me: Easy-Peasy guide to awesome health

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Product Specifications

Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179933688
Author: Kavita Sharma
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 32
Available Available in all digital devices
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The big question: Whats the secret to being cool? The right answer: Doing the smart stuff, like keeping yourself in top form!

The Bigger question: What's that going to take? The best answer: Some simple things that keep your body healthy and strong!

The Biggest question: And how exactly do I do that? The top answer: Read this book and get all the answers... what to eat, how to exercise, how to feel great, how to stay smelling sweet like the rose. It's all in this book. Get started!

About the Author:

Kavita Sharma is an independent writer and editor, mum, animal lover, and green thumb. She writes a lot in the health space but that’s mostly sober material for serious organizations. Inspired
by her daughter's growing years and a rediscovery of childhood’s simple joys and troubles, shes begun penning fun, useful stuff for kids. Kavita currently lives in Gurgaon with her daughter,
husband, and a dog.

Table Of Content

Knowing what it means to be healthy
Healthy meals are best meals
Staying fit is fun
Hygiene hurray
Feeling good
Healthy habits
My healthy habits pledge

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A: No, we provide only eBook.
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