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Grain Quality And Processing

By Vijaya Khader & V Vimia more
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Publisher Agrotech Publications
ISBN 9788183210782
Author: Vijaya Khader & V Vimia
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  • About the book

About this eBook

PREFACE In recent years, many newer processing technologies for cereals, millets, legumes and oilseeds have been developed by the scientists, food technologists and nutritionists to prevent post harvest losses. These technologies have added advantage of getting a product of superior quality with maximum nutrient retention, value addition and export potential. Extending the knowledge of newer methods and technologies to the teachers and researchers working in the department of Foods and Nutrition i.e., Faculty of Home Science in the State Agricultural Universities is very essential. Hence, the idea of this short course on Recent Developments in Grain Processing was conceived, planned and conducted to upgrade the knowledge and skills of teachers and researchers working in state agricultural universities. The main areas covered were cereals, millets, pulses and oilseeds - production, composition, methods of processing, traditional and commercial and its effect on nutrient content, technologies involved, by-product utilization, value added products, food and industrial applications of cereals, pulse and oilseed products. A number of distinguished and eminent scientists delivered lectures which were compiled for ready reference. Dr. Mrs. Vijaya Khader, Dr. Mrs. V. Vim ala
ABOUT THE BOOK Through the centuries we have acquired a wealth of information about the use of food as a part of our community, social, natural and religious life. In recent years nutritional science has advanced in many directions and has sometimes become highly technical that it is often difficult for an expert in one particular field to view his or her work clearly in relation to other closely allied developments. One of the most important area of development is food processing Food processing and value addition are the need of the hour. The literature on food processing is extensive in its detailed treatment of specific commodities, unit operations and control methods. However, an attempt has been made to provide as much knowledge as possible in a nut shell in the following 41 chapters covering all aspects of grain processing. It is very important for all those who deal with food to understand scientific basis of methods of grain processing. The book deal with need and importance of grain processing, chemistry, composition, quality aspects, utilization, scope for diversification novel and alternative , role in human nutrition, enzyme technology in food industry, relevant technology, industrial applications. Processing equipment for grains, rice bran and its utilization and commercial processing methods, processing of soyabean and other grains improve the status value of grain and reliability of value added products which in turn improves the economic status in rural and urban areas. Increasing in purchasing power definitely contributes to better nutritional status of the population at large. Value addition by food processing is a must for rural development. This publication can be a useful reference book to UG and PG students of Food Nutrition and Food Science, and Teachers of Grain Technology, Home Economists, Nutritionists and staff of Warehousing Corporation. This book will also be of interest to Industrialists, Researchers, Academicians and all other fields related to grain processing.
ABOUT THE EDITORS Professor V. Vimala was born in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India on 28.5.1945 and has graduated from SIET women s college, Madras after which she has completed her Post graduation at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh. She received KoKi Narayanamma award for standing First in the University at M. Sc level. Her career started in 1974 at Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University as a research assistant, Associate Dean and Member, Board of management, ANGRAU which is the highest honour in the University. According to her students, she is a good teacher with excellent communication skills, capable of translating latest research findings into teaching modules. She is known to inculcate

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