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Extension and communication management

By Varma SK more
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Publisher Agrotech Publications
ISBN 9788183211277
Author: Varma SK
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  • About the book

About this eBook

PREFACE Managem ent has becom e universal in modem world. Num erous managerial practices have th e ir own p a rtic u la r a p p ro a ch and a p p lica tio n to d iffe re n t typ e s o f p ro b le m s, concepts and situations. In the com ing decade, the m an a g e m en t dim ension is likely to be m ost im p o rta n t and critica l d e te rm in a n t fo r s u cce ss o f a g ricu ltu ra l e xte nsion and rural developm ent. M any te ch no lo g ica l and exte nsion e ffo rts are being m ade fo r rural d evelopm ent, but the d e v e lo pm e n ta l e ffo rts have proved to be u n su cce ssfu l due to a b se n ce o f proper com m u n ica tio n e xtension strategy. F arm ers need a w id e range o f inform ation for d iffe re n t re so u rce and c o n s tra in t situ a tio ns. T he ta sk b e fore e xte n sio n no w is m ore than reaching fa rm e rs w ith re co m m en d a tio n s. T he y need to plan and m anage e xtension and c o m m u n ica tio n technology. T h e y m ust fo llo w a s y ste m a tic sch e m e to m ake sure that right m edia for the right people at right tim e w ith right co n ten t is used. R ecognizing this asp e ct the p resent book is designed to help teachers, scie n tists and extension w o rk e rs to u n derstand th e d yn a m ics o f co m m u n ica tio n and e xtension m anagem ent in rural developm ent and extension program m es Keeping in view the changing scenario o f extension and com m unication management, fa cu lty needs to d e ve lo p skills in handling and using c o m p u te r aided co m m u n ica tio n technologies and m ultim edia in ord e r to transfer the technologies to rural m asses m ore efficiently. T his book is org a n ize d to fulfill the im p era tive need o f th e hour. The m ain o b je ctive o f th e book is to se n sitize a c a d e m icia n s a b o u t tre n d s and approaches in extension and com m unication managem ent, to develop skills in designing co m m u n ica tio n stra te g y fo r e ffe ctive tra n s fe r o f tech no lo g y, to a cq u a in t them w ith latest co m m unication te ch no lo g ie s including co m p u te rs and m ultim e d ia and to equip them in techniques o f e xtension project m anagem ent, m onitoring and evaluation. This book is designed to im part knowledge, inculcate skills and bring about attitudinal ch anges am ong te a che rs, re se a rch e rs e xte nsion e d u c a to rs th ro u g h e m e rg in g a p p ro a c h e s and tre n d s in e x te n s io n m a n a g e m e n t a nd tra n s fe r o f te ch n o lo g y, participatory com m unication and extension, Designing audience based com m unication strate g ie s, social m arke tin g la te st c o m m u n ica tio n te c h n o lo g ie s su ch as com puter, m ultim edia, te le co n fe re n cin g etc. Planning, exe cu tion , m o n ito rin g and e va lu a tio n o f exte nsion and co m m u n ica tio n projects, m otiva tin g e xte n sio n perso n n e l, n e tw o rkin g and lin ka g e s, g e n d e r is s u e s in e xte n sio n p ro je c t m a n a g e m e n t, in vo lvin g local organizations and NGOs W e do hope that the readers would be utilizing extension tools and com m unication m an a g e m en t te ch niqu e s in th e ir own situ a tio n fo r bringing d e sira b le ch a n ge s in rural masses. I place on record m y great appreciation and g ratitude to C C S H aryana A gricultural University, H isa r for givin g m e p e rm issio n to pu b lish th is b o o k and p ro vid in g all the n e cessary su p p o rt and fa cilitie s fo r this.
S h a s h i K an ta V arm a Professor Department of Home Sci. Extension Education COHS, CCS HAU, H is a r-125004
ABOUT THE BOOK The book "Extension and Communication Management" is divided into two sections. The first section deals with Extension Management viz dim ension of good extension, farm ing system s research and extension approach, skill develop m ent for extension personnel,

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