Experimental Designing and Data Analysis in Agriculture & Biology

Experimental Designing and Data Analysis in Agriculture & Biology Experimental Designing and Data Analysis in Agriculture & Biology Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE It is widely believed that statistics in general and design of experiments in particular is a difficult, dull, highly specialized subject to the studied and handled by professionals who are mathematically oriented. This is a big misconception which has grown and developed over time just by ripple effect . Actually, the subject is intersting, stimulating, revealing and above all near to reality as uncertainties are also taken care of while building models and drawing inferences. The need of the hour in research is to remove this misconception by putting forward practical examples, their solution in a simple way and eschewing mathematical jargon as far as possible. This book is an attempt to correct their misconception. So that design of experiments can be introduced to be used extensively among a larger audience. Such audience includes students of agriculture, biology, statistics, research methodology, social sciences, forestry, medical sciences, environmental sciences, animal sciences, veterinary sciences, business management and engineering sciences to larger extent. In order to achieve this objective the authors have adopted an expositional style with simple concepts, tools and use with many examples from agriculture and biological sciences but the concepts and treatment remains almost same while dealing with problems from other sciences in the application of various designs discussed in this book. The special feature of this book is its simplicity and the systematic style of presentation of the subject matter. The assumption and conditions on which various analysis and planning of the designs are based have been explained by means of simple, stepwise and straight strategy. The examples and theory have been taken from various books, manuals and reports for the benefit of students and teachers to comprehend and appreciate the actual problem faced in planning of experiments and analysis for inference. All such references have been listed at the end of book. Authours wish to acknowledge their input where ever used. Some hypothetical
Experimental Designing and Data Analysis
examples have also been considered to make the concept clear and practically oriented. We have also tried that the implication of the results emerging from analysis be discussed with simplicity and thoroughness. The main reason for writing this book is to reach the wider audience which has been kept out as a result of the complexity of treatment of this subjected by many authors. Also, the other objective is to bring together many concepts and designs scattered in literature for the benefit of readers. Readers from even diverse fields like economics, engineering, industries, medical etc. can find the book handy and helpful for problem encountered by them during their research and decision making. The long experience of more