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Elementary Workshop Technology

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Publisher Vayu Education
ISBN 9789383137626
Author: Rooplal, R.P. Bharadwaj
Number of Pages 520
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

DETAILED CONTENTS 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION a Scope of subject Workshop Technology in engineering. b Different shop activities and broad division of the shops on the basis of nature of work done such as i Wooden Fabrication Carpentry ii Metal Fabrication shaping and Forming, Smithy, Sheet metal and Joiningwelding, Rivetting, Fitting and Plumbing. 2. CARPENTRY a Fundamental of wood working operations - Marking Measuring. - Holding Supporting. - Cutting Sawing. - Drilling Boring. - Turning. - Jointing. b Common Carpentry Tools Their classification, size, specification name of the parts and use only . 1 Marking and measuring tools Rules, try square, Bevel Square, Marking gauge, Mortise gauge, Scriber marking knife . Combination set 2 Holding and supproting Tools Carpentary vice, Bench hold fast, Bar clamp, Bench hook, Hand clamp C and G clamp. 3 Cutting and Sawing Tools Saws Grip or Hand, panel, cross cut, Tenon, dove tail, compass, key hole and bow saw , Chisel Firmer, dovetail, mortise and gauge , Planes Wooden Iron plane. Jack plane, Smoothing plane . 4 Drilling and Boring tools Auger, Gimlet, Hand drill, Brace and bits. 5 Striking Tools Mallet and Claw hammer. 6 Turning Tools Equipments Wood working lathe and lathe tools. 7 Miscellaneous Tools Screw driver, Rasp, Pincer, Oil stone, Triangular file and Saw set. c Joining of Timber Components For Fabrication Works Assembly of joints Preparation steps and tools used only Mortise, Tenon, Rivet , Groove, Tongue, Dowel, operations in assembly-Simple lap and butt, Mortise, Tenon, Dovetail, Mitre briddle joints. Uses of glue, dowelpin and screw in preparation of joints. Common defects likely to occur during and after joining, defects due to wrong use of tools, defects due to wrong operation, defects due to improper seasoning of timber-their identification and remedy. Safety personal and equipment to be observed. 3. METAL FABRICATION
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A Metal Shaping Smithy 1 Operations involved concept only -Preparation of fire, Supporting and holding the metal, cutting the metal in size, heating, drawing down or fullering, usetting, swaging, bending, punching, blanking, drifting and forge welding, 2 Tools and equipment used Names, size, specification for identification only .

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