Dictionary of Irrigation Technology & Water Management

Dictionary of Irrigation Technology & Water Management Dictionary of Irrigation Technology & Water Management Sample PDF Download
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Irrigation is an age old art, as old the civilisation. Irrigation water is supplied to supplement the water available from rainfall and the contribution to soil moisture from ground water. In many areas of the world, the amount and timing of rainfall are not adequate to meet the moisture requirement of crops and irrigation is essential to raise crops necessary to meet the needs of food and fibre. The increasing need for crop production for the growing population is causing the rapid expansion of irrigation throughout th world. Water being a limited resource, its efficient conservation and use is basic to the survival of the ever increasing population of the world. Our aim today is to increase agricultural production per unit volume of water, per unit area of cropped land and per unit time. Scientific conservation and management of irrigation water provides the best insurance against weather induced fluctuations in total food production. Irrigation technology and water management is certainly one of the most rapidly advancing of the agricultural sciences and probably no other field has stimulated so many diverse disciplines. The fact that irrigation and water management has attracted scientists from different spheres such as Engineering, Agronomy, Farm Management, Soil Science, Plant Physiology, Meteorology, Soil Water Conservation, Drainage, Hydrology, Sewerage and Waste
Dictionary of
Water Use, Ecology and other scientists of diverse back grounds to contribute to its development is one of the chief reasons for its prodigious growth. Such growth is of course, accompanied by a proliferation in terminology. Such subject dictionaries like Irrigation Technology and Water Manage ment have fascinated the teachers and the taught everywhere. They stimulate us in knowing the unknown. In fact a dictionary of such a kind has an ocean of information which tries to satisfy us of our unending thirst for knowledge. While in the process of writing and compilation, we have carefully considered the criticism of this work which have come under our notice, and have adopted all those suggestion which could be taken up, so far as they did not contradict the plan on which this volume was drawn. It is hoped that the students, teachers, researchers and all those interested in Agriculture will find many of the terms commonly encountered in the field of Irrigation Technology and Water Management defined in this book, and this will encourage the development of a vocabulary which will aid