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Contemplation on Taittiriya Upanishad By Swami Anubhavanada

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789380834139
Author: Swami Anubhavanada
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

In this Upanishad, the first chapter talks about preparing the student for Brahma Vidya. Unless we are prepared, we will not be able to receive what is given to us. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Bhagawan was once 1
Contemplation on Taittiriya Upanishad
asked, Why don t you give this Brahma Vidya, this knowledge to everybody He said, I may give, but who is there to receive it One has to be an adhikari, there is no reservation quota. You have to be qualified to receive the knowledge. And therefore, the first chapter, called the Sheeksha Valli prepares a student to get qualified to receive the Brahma Vidya which is given in the second and third chapter. So, the first chapter is called Sheeksha Valli, the second and the third chapters together are called as Varuni Vidya, and respectively called the Brahmananda Valli and Bhrigu Valli . In this first chapter, the vision of what we will be studying is given. And for getting the right kind of vision, we must know a proper language. The importance of a language, everything about it, is brought out in the first part. Thereafter, we are told about the Upasana and Karma. By Karma we purify our mind, and by Upasana , we make our mind single pointed. This basic principle about Vedanta should be clearly known to us. Karmaani citta shuddhyartham dekZf.k fp k kq FkZe . Karma is not meant for improving the world or the society. Neither is Karma required by the world from us. We should not have the wrong notion that, I want to start a school for the benefit of the world . Nobody wanted you to start the school, to be very frank. It is our own khujli itch that we start a school. Nobody wants it. People are happy. When we hadn t started any school, was there anything lacking in the world On the contrary, we start the schools and colleges, and it becomes the source for earning money, that s all. So, it becomes karmani dhana sangrahaartham dekZf.k ku laxzgkFkZe i.e., for earning money and not for citta shuddhyartham purification of the mind . All the social projects that you 2
take, it is basically, by one way or the other, to earn, either direct money, or name, fame or position in the society, and then a great Dharmatma is created Vedanta tells, karmani citta shuddhyartham . We function in the outer world, and the inner mind gets purified, freed from all