Political Science Paper-I (Political Theory & Indian Politics)

Political Science Paper-I (Political Theory & Indian Politics) Political Science Paper-I (Political Theory & Indian Politics) Sample PDF Download
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Preface To Eighth Edition This edition of the book has been prepared in accordance with the latest syllabus for the Civil Services Examination prescribed by UPSC. While the existing topics have been thoroughly revised, new topics like Feminism, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Gramsci and Hanah Arendt have been included in this edition. This book entitled POLITICAL THEORY AND INDIAN POLITICS, covers Part A of Paper I of Political Science for the main examination. While preparing the revised edition, the author has immensely benefited from the various suggestions sent by the esteemed readers. It is hoped that in future also readers would send valuable suggestions which shall be gratefully acknowledged and utilized for the improvement of the next edition of the book. The author is grateful to M s Cosmos Bookhive P Ltd., for the pains taken to bring out this thoroughly revised edition with great speed.
Contents Chapter-1 Approaches to the Study of Political Theory Chapter-2 Liberal Theory of State Chapter-3 Marxian Theory of State Chapter-4 Neo-Liberal Theory of State Chapter-5 Communitarian Theory Chapter-6 Post-Colonial State Chapter-7 Sovereignty Chapter-8 Marxist Theory of Sovereignty Chapter-9 Globalisation and the State Chapter-10 Theories of Democracy Chapter-11 Human Rights Chapter-12 Theories of Rights Chapter-13 Justice Chapter-14 Equality Chapter-15 Revolution Chapter-16 Political Obligation Chapter-17 New Social Movements