Communication : The Process And Application In Extension Education

Communication : The Process And Application In Extension Education Communication : The Process And Application In Extension Education Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE Never ever in the annals of human civilization any single factor like communication has stormed into the human society like any thing. Starting from primitive society to the post modern elite human minds, communication has become the super single rising force. Even before the human civilization set for a journey, it had been the non human communication that networked into the nature, birds, animals, and millions of floral expanse. The countless Diaspora across the globe are nothing but the inevitable exposition of communication process and application. The extension science, while has been planked o the dynamics of system behaviour and system expansion, has rightly been fulcramed with the attributes of communication. The communication process is basically a social chemistry that creates covalency and imbalances, synergy and entropy as well. In recent past the farmers of India including those from South East Asia have change their life styles in a response to quick urbanization and faster de-ruralization. De-ruralization is a contra process where in the bondages of traditional rural life are being disintegrated and snapped in a response to humongous impact of communication and this is happening with out much changes in its exterior rural forms. So, the book communication the process and application in extension education can envies a new goner of extension cultivation wherein some emerging features of brittle rural society. The upcoming decades will increasingly be concentrating on deriving out the most choosing communication intervention out of huge choices of communication. This dent of modern civilization has up toned the psychic configuration of rural people, so the role of prompt, precise, palpable information and its proper communication would write a new biography for million of farmers. The need of organizational communication has gone many fold because modern organizations has become more organic with family and individual lives. So, a splendid combination of information and communication technology will be of higher symbiosis in every day life of rural people. A farmer has not only got a pair of hands to work but a pair of ears to listen something musical, something alluring and something mesmerizing. That is why the plurality of need and multiplicity of role of a single entity can be redressed only by the amazing science of communication. The much needed transformation of information into knowledge is possible by communication technology and ultimately that will escalate us to a cenotaph of wisdom. Thus we feel that the creation of this book lead us to access a sip of satisfaction while a scholar of communication would find worth meaning and worth application. AUTHORS
ABOUT THE BOOK Communication presents the lifeline of civilization. Civilization in turn propels the pace and space of communication. Gone are the days, the agriculture preferred to remain it its mundane and meandering forms. A new knowledge wealth and a new knowledge world have both welcome the transformation of the agrarian lives across the world. And here in this new world, communication has redefined what a new life form is. The millions of farmers in India have started assimilating the sap of critical information in harvesting the happy return from his her docile farm . Beyond land, labour and capital, the information is a new goner of production incentive that has opened up in new world altogether. In combating the menaces of hunger, poverty and voiceless ness of millions of farmers reeling under the abject poverty and ignominious humanity, communication begets a new dream for all of them. The book Communication the Process and Application in Extension Education has certainly been a selection by the time itself, not