College Botany - Volume II

College Botany - Volume II

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Publisher Vikas Publishing All B.Sc Botany books by Vikas Publishing
ISBN 9788121906012
Author: BP Pandey
Number of Pages 886
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College Botany - Volume II by BP Pandey
Book Summary:

I am glad to present, the revised and enlarged eighth edition of College Botany, volume two, in hands of students of Botany at the graduate level. This edition of the book contains Pteridophyta, Gymnosperms, Palaeobotany, and Angiosperms. The newly added matter of Angiosperms consists of thirty chapters, dealing with Systematics of Flowering Plants (Chapter 1-5), How to describe an Angiospermic Plant (Chapters 6-8), Diversity of Flowering Plants (Chapters 9-25), Diversity and Morphology, of Angiosperms (Chapters 26-29) and Reproduction in Flowering Plants (Chapter 30).

Audience of the Book :
This book is Useful for B.Sc. Botany Students.
Table of Content:


Chapter-1: Introduction

Chapter-2: Order Psilophytales

Chapter-3: Order Psilotales

Chapter-4: Order Lycopodiales

Chapter-5: Order Selaginellales

Chapter-6: Order Equisetales

Chapter-7: Order Ophioglossales

Chapter-8: Order Marsileales

Chapter-9: Order Filicales

Chapter-10: General Topics


Chapter-1: Introduction

Chapter-2: Order Cycadales

Chapter-3: Order Ginkgoales

Chapter-4: Order Coniferales

Chapter-5: Order Taxales

Chapter-6: Order Gnetales


Chapter-7: Methods of Fossil Study

Chapter-8 : Order Psilophytaies

Chapter-9 : Order Pteridospermales (Cycadofilicales)

Chapter-10: Order Cycadeoideales (Bennettitales)

Chapter-11: Order Cordaitales


Question Bank



Chapter-1 Angiosperms: Introduction

Chapter-2 Evolution of Classification

Chapter-3 Modern Trends in Taxonomy

Chapter-4 Nomenclature of Plants

Chapter-5 Plant Collection and Preparation of Herbarium

Chapter-6 How to Describe an Angiospermic Plant

Chapter-7 Angiosperms: Glossary with Illustrations

Chapter-8 Glossary of Botanical Terms

Chapter-9 The Dicotyledones-Order-Rosales-Family-Rosaceae 

Chapter-10 Order-Leguminales, Family-Fabaceae

Chapter-11 Order-Malvales Family-Malvaceae

Chapter-12 Order-Euphorbiales Family-Euphorbiaceae

Chapter-13 Order-Rutales Family-Rutaceae

Chapter-14 Order-Apocynales Family-Apocynaceae & Family-Asclepiadaceae

Chapter-15 Order-Rubiales Family-Rubiaceae

Chapter-16 Order-Ranales Family-Ranunculaceae

Chapter-17 Order-Brassicales (Cruciales), Family-Brassicaceae (Cruciferae)

Chapter-18 Order-Caryophyllales Family-Caryophyllaceae

Chapter-19 Order-Chenopodiales Family-Chenopodiaceae & Family-Amaranthaceae

Chapter-20 Order-Umbellales Family-Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) 

Chapter-21 Order-Solanales Family-Solanaceae

Chapter-22 Order-Personales Family-Acanthaceae

Chapter-23 Order-Lamiales Family-Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

Chapter-24 The Monocotyledones Order-Liliales Family- Liliaceae and Allies

Chapter-25 Order-Graminales Family-Poaceae (Gramineae) 

Question Bank

Chapter-26: Basic Body Plan of Flowering Plant

Chapter-27: Convergence of Evolution of Tree Habit

Chapter-28: Trees: Largest and Longest Lived Organisms

Chapter-29: Diversity and Morphology of Flowering Plants

Question Bank

Chapter-30: Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Question Bank