Circuit Theory: Continuous And Discrete-Time Systems,Elements Of Network Synthesis

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Publisher PHI Learning All IES Electrical And Electronics Engineering books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120326439
Number of Pages 528
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About The Book Circuit Theory
Book Summary:

This book is designed to meet a felt need for a concise but systematic and rigorous presentation of Circuit Theory which forms the core of electrical engineering.

The book is presented in four parts :

Fundamental concepts in electrical engineering, Linear-time invariant systems, Advanced topics in network analysis, and Elements of network synthesis.

A variety of illustrative examples, solved problems and exercises carefully guide the student from basic of electricity to the heart of circuit theory, which is supported by the mathematical tools of transforms.

The inclusion of a chapter on P Spice and MATLAB is sure to whet the interest of the reader for further exploration of the subject-especially the advanced topics.

Intended primarily as a textbook for the undergraduate students of electrical, electronics, and computer science engineering, this book would also be useful for postgraduate students and professionals for reference and revision of fundamentals.

The book should also serve as a source book for candidates preparing for examinations conducted by professional bodies like IE, IETE, IEEE.

Key Features:

Extensive use of Laplace transform and Fourier transform methods
Topological interpretation of network laws
Systematic classification of network theorems
A number of useful tables such as Laplace transforms and Inverse transforms
Topics on state variables, digital circuits and z-transforms, and non-linear systems for design engineers
Detailed treatment of filters
Chapter on Network Synthesis should serve as introductory material for Design Engineers and postgraduates

Table of Contents:

List of Tables.




Part 1: Fundamental Concepts in Electrical Engineering-

1. Circuit Variables.
2. Circuit Elements.
3. Network Laws.
4. Network Theorems.
5. Alternating Current Circuit.

Part 2: Linear Time-invariant (LTI) Systems

6. Techniques of Circuit Analysis.
7. Network Topology.
8. Differential Equations-Solution by Classical Methods.
9. Laplace Transforms in Network Analysis.
10. Steady State Sinusoidal Response of Higher Order Networks.
11. Terminal Characteristics of Networks.
12. Network Functions.
13. Wave Filters-Frequency Selective Circuits.
14. Fourier Series and Fourier Transforms.
15. Network Analysis Using PSpice and MATLAB.

Part 3: Advanced Topics in Network Analysis-

16. State Variable Analysis.
17. Digital Systems and z-Transforms.
18. Non-Linear Systems.

Part 4: Elements of Network Synthesis-

19. Network Synthesis.


A. Matrices and Determinants.
B. Complex Variables.
C. Operational Amplifiers.
D. Coupled Circuits and the Transformer.

Review Problems.



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