Cbse Class 12 English Core Previous Year Question Paper 2005-2015

Cbse Class 12 English Core Previous Year Question Paper 2005-2015 Cbse Class 12 English Core Previous Year Question Paper 2005-2015 Sample PDF Download
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e What is the content of the second volume of Lawtoons 1 1 f Though Pugloo feels disturbed by the circus troups, he does not complain. Why II. Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option from the given ones a Money to produce Lawtoons has been arranged through 1 i Government ii Donations by Kelly and Kanan iii Donations by public iv All of the above b Pugloo is a . i School-going boy in Ahmedabad ii Member of the team associated with Lawtoons production iii Law expert iv Leading character in comic series produced by Kelly and Kanan III. Find the words phrases in the passage which means the same as the following 2 a Something which makes us feel excited or worried b Showing an image of somebody something in a picture 3. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow 8 marks 1. It is hard to think of an Indain snack that is not fried. However, we need to be aware of what happens to oil when it is heated. When oil begins to smoke, it is a good indicator that it has been heated too much. At this temperature, chemical changes begin to take place, which have many health risks. Of course, this tricky. It the oil is not hot enough, then more of it is absorbed, and the resultant product is quite soggy and unfit to eat. 2. Further, prolonged heating of oil at high temperature, i.e. at its smoking point, leads to it degradation. A substance called acrolien is formed which can irritate the stomach linning. Oil that has decomposed to acrolien to dark ans viscous. Normally this does not happen when food is fried at home. But as oil is expensive we are not willing to put it down the drain after having used it only once. The common tendency is to set aside any oil that is left over to use another time. And repeated use of the same oil guarantees the formation of acrolien with all its undesirable effects. 3. In fact, some experts suggest that oil should not be held at its smoking temperature for more than 15 minutes at a time. This time span, as everyone knows, is hardly sufficient to prepare poor is for even a small family of four. Sadly, olive and corn oils are not widely available in our markets. Both these oils can be heated to higher temperatures before they start smoking. 4. Even heart-friendly oils, like those made from sunflower are also not spared from these affects. Another problem arises when oil is stored under less than satisfactory conditions. If the oil is not stored in an airtight container which, additionally, allows light to pass through, then it will deteriorate further because of the effect of oxygen and light on oil. 5. By and large, these undesirable effects result when food is deep fried. So, eat deep fried food occasionally. This does not mean we can no longer enjoy the flavour and palatability
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