Campus Watch February 2018 E-book

Campus Watch February 2018 E-book

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Publisher Jagran Josh All Competitive Exams books by Jagran Josh
Author: Jagran Josh
Number of Pages 45
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Campus Watch February 2018 E-book by Jagran Josh
Book Summary:

'I am feeling stressed,' this statement can be heard from almost every second student on a college campus. What is it that is making students so prone to feeling stressed all the time? The speed at which the number of young individuals experiencing the symptoms of stress and other stress-related problems is increasing is quite alarming. It seems like an epidemic, that has spread like a wildfire among college students across the country.

sure, exam times are usually stressful for students they are worried about their performance. But the current scenario is far worse. Students are stressed about almost everything in their life. Be it their academics, their career, relationships or even about the simple projects and assignments that they have to submit in class. So, does that mean that there is no escaping this demon of stress in a student's life?

course not, there are many effective stress managing techniques that students can follow through to reduce their increased stress levels. But before they go on to that step they first need to understand and pinpoint the root cause of the problem. That is, what is the reason that is causing so much stress in them. Rooting out the cause at times can go a long way to free one's mind of stress.

however, many times there are no clear reasons for the increased stress levels like for when we tend to over think on small matters. Something, that holds no value or importance but we still worry about it and for no reason at all make it an issue. Thus, unnecessarily inviting stress in our lives. Dealing with stress can be quite easy if you know effective measures as to how to beat it. And this edition of campus watch does just that.

In this edition of Campus Watch, we bring to you effective measure to deal with stress. Whatever be its cause be it exams or any other everyday problems of life. We also have talked about stress management techniques that are quite popular but hardly effective. You will get to know about the music genres that can help you relax and focus better on your studies. We have covered everything that you need to know about stress management. So, pick up the February edition of campus watch titled the 'Useful tips for a stress-free life in college' and follow it to make the best of your college life.